WiTricity Announces Enhanced Relationship with Intel Corporation

Two Companies To Work Together to Enable A4WP Rezence™-based Consumer Products

Watertown, MA and San Francisco.  – WiTricity, an industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced a technology licensing agreement with Intel Corporation.  As part of this licensing agreement, WiTricity will work with Intel to integrate WiTricity’s patented technology to enable efficient, high performance wireless charging solutions for computing devices powered by Intel, enabling more freedom and a seamless wireless charging experience for users.

This agreement is a major step in the right direction enabling our companies to work together to deliver the next generation of devices that eliminate the need for power cords.

The agreement is centered on the Rezence™ specification, which was developed by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), and has been adopted by the world’s leading mobile chipmakers, mobile phone manufacturers, and other key industry players.  Both Intel and WiTricity are board members of the A4WP, helping to drive the technical direction and adoption of the Rezence specification.  Rezence will enable wireless charging solutions that can interoperate with other Rezence-enabled devices.

“We have overwhelming feedback from end users that they are frustrated with dealing with all the different wires and power adapters for their devices – phones, tablets & PCs.” said Sanjay Vora, Intel Vice President and General Manager of User Experience.  “At Intel, we have a vision to eliminate all wires from all of our platforms. This agreement is a major step in the right direction enabling our companies to work together to deliver the next generation of devices that eliminate the need for power cords.”

“Mobility has become central to all forms of computing, and wireless charging is becoming a necessity, not a luxury,” said WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen. “WiTricity is excited about the possibilities created through our agreement with Intel, a leader in mobile computing for both consumers and businesses.  We look forward to helping Intel enable the industry to create a new generation of wirelessly-powered devices.”

The A4WP’s Rezence near-field resonant technology delivers a consumer-friendly wireless charging experience. Rezence offers unique benefits including simultaneous charging of multiple devices with differing power requirements, ‘spatial freedom’ for additional reach in the z-direction, and eliminating the hassle of accurate coil alignment – all on a single charging surface or in a charging region.

About WiTricity
WiTricity Corporation is enabling a wirelessly powered world by providing the foundational technology necessary for organizations to bring wireless power solutions to market faster. The company was founded in 2007 to commercialize an exciting new technology called “WiTricity,” which enables wireless power over distance using magnetic resonance. Through deep domain expertise, a strong IP portfolio and an extensive reference design library, WiTricity Corporation provides end-to-end technology transfer for companies who want to incorporate WiTricity in their products. With a growing list of global licensees in industries including consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices and defense, the company has emerged as the leader in wireless power using magnetic resonance. For more information, visit www.witricity.com, or follow WiTricity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.


Katie Kennedy