First Impressions of the ‘Tele-Phone’ From 1876

Farooq Butt, SVP of business development and strategy for over-the-air power startup WiTricity, posted a series of tweets and retweets this week that make great points about the history of technology and the lessons we can learn today.

You could soon be charging your bike’s battery wirelessly

Battery charger specialist CTEK aims to make that step just a little bit less troublesome with the introduction of wireless charging for motorcycles and cars. The Swedish specialists have tied up with WiTricity, one of the leading names in wireless power transfer, to license their technology to bring wireless charging to vehicles.

Wireless Charging Gets a Boost in New WiTricity Licensing Deal

When MIT wireless-power spinout WiTricity appointed a new CEO last year, the company sent a pretty clear signal about its hopes for the future.  New boss Alex Gruzen, a veteran of the PC world, brought years of experience integrating new technologies into consumer electronics.

CTEK Licenses WiTricity Technology for Wireless Power

Leading Battery Charger Manufacturer Looks to WiTricity Technology to Help Revolutionize the Battery Charging Industry Watertown, Mass.– February 12, 2015 – WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced a technology and patent license agreement with CTEK Corporation, a leading global supplier of battery charging systems. This licensing agreement enables CTEK…

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2015: The year of wireless power?

The potential of wireless charging created great excitement when it first came to prominence in 2007 when two researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) successfully powered a 60-watt light bulb wirelessly, using two copper coils two metres apart.

Rezence Wireless Charging Takes Steps

There have been a couple of developments in the wireless power world over the last couple months, both involving the new Rezence standard.

Will Apple Inc. Adopt Wireless Charging Technology?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) always provide a glimpse of what to expect in the world of technology, and CES 2015 was no different. Tech companies showcased their products from smart watches to 4K TVs. This year, the core focus was on home automation through gadgets and software integration.

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