Is Wireless Charging for Cars Finally Here?

The Massachusetts startup WiTricity has developed a mat that charges electric vehicles using magnetic resonance Someday fleets of shared autonomous cars will shuttle passengers rapidly around cities, picking them up and dropping them off without the need for parking lots, garages, or even personal vehicles. But without a place to sit and charge, or the…

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Witricity Bring Wireless Electric Charging to Automobiles

NECN, This week in business: Witricity CEO Alex Gruzen talks about the company’s work to create wireless electric charging for automobiles. Will this be a big game changer? (Published Friday, Oct 19, 2018) > Watch full video

Future robo-taxis could charge themselves and help balance the electric grid

Wireless startup WiTricity wants cars to power up without human help and feed utilities energy during peak demand. by Elizabeth Woyke Electric robo-taxis are a real possibility. Trends in transportation, energy, and demographics indicate that future vehicles will operate autonomously, run on electricity rather than fossil fuels, and be shared instead of privately owned. But before…

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So Who Will Plug In All The Driverless Electric Cars?

By Molly Fosco, An autonomous vehicle zips down the 101 Freeway, on its way to drop you off at work. You gaze out the window at the dozens of other commuters in self-driving cars en route to offices in the Bay Area. The electric car drops you off and drives across the street to a…

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Hyundai Demonstrates Wireless Charging at 2018 Geneva Auto Show

Hyundai demonstrated a prototype example of wireless charging on their new all-electric Kona, giving an outlook at how such technology could develop. The unit displayed at Geneva Motor Show 2018 was created together with WiTricity to showcase how wireless charging could work for future mobility.

Bloomberg Baystate Radio Podcast

Bloomberg Boston Bureau Chief Tom Moroney and Radio News Anchors Peter Barnes, Pat Carroll and Anne Mostue are joined by WiTricity CEO, Alex Gruzen in the C-Suite.  > LISTEN NOW (section begins at 32:25)

WiTricity takes a turn toward electric-car charging

SCOTT KIRSNER | INNOVATION ECONOMY, December 15, 2018 Count the number of power cords you encounter in a typical day. It might start with a coffeemaker in the morning and end well after dark, when you plug a smartphone in to recharge on the dresser. No doubt the answer cracks the double digits. Count the…

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SAE International Publishes J2954™ Recommended Practice Enabling Wireless Charging to 11kW

SAE International published SAE J2954™ Recommended Practice (RP) providing the first worldwide specification for wireless power transfer for electric vehicles up to 11 kW power levels (WPT3). SAE International published SAE J2954™ Recommended Practice (RP) providing the first worldwide specification for wireless power transfer for electric vehicles up to 11 kW power levels (WPT3). Following the previous…

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WiTricity CEO: Wireless Charging Moves Forward in Autos

WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen says the company’s business equipping top auto makers with wireless charging capabilities for their electric vehicles is speeding toward commercial deployment in the first half of 2018. He’s also upbeat about the company’s first consumer electronics deal, with Dell, and thinks Apple’s use of the competing “Qi” wireless power technology in…

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