Watertown’s WiTricity eyes consumer-device market

In an old, converted tire warehouse in Watertown, tech company WiTricity is quietly making its move to be the main player in what it says is the inevitable transition to wireless charging for everything.  Jordan Graham from the Boston Herald interviews WiTricity’s Alex Gruzen.

A Resonant Strategy to Wirelessly Charge Implantable Devices

Colin McCarthy, business development lead for medical technology at WiTricity, talks to Sam Brusco from Medical Design Technology magazine about WiTricity technology and its applicability to implantable medical devices (and more).

The Countdown To Wireless Power

Rob Enderle of Tech Guru Daily sits down with WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen to discuss the future of wireless charging.

WiTricity Featured on 7 News Australia

Djuro Sen, technology reporter for 7 News Australia, talks about wireless power and features Morris Kesler and Sanjay Gupta from WiTricity.

WiTricity Shows Off Fast, Easy Wireless Charging

At the WiTricity suite at CES 2016 yesterday (Jan. 7), we saw the future of charging phones and laptops, and it makes serpentine nests of wires and cables obsolete. Unlike most wireless-charging technologies, WiTricity sends power to devices at the same rate as a hard-wired connection. We saw a prototype of a Dell notebook which…

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Why Wireless Power Is the Most Exciting Thing at CES 2016

What I’m looking for at CES are technologies that will change how I experience or interact with the world in a unique way. Flawless consumer virtual reality, for example. Or interactive eye tracking. Or anything else that generates that magical “wow, I live in the future” feeling. This year, it’s wireless power, and let me tell…

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