Unlock the Power of Prodigy™

Prodigy is a hands-on demonstration system that lets you experience the magic of WiTricity® technology—wireless power over distance. With Prodigy you’ll be able to power two devices from a single source, and experiment with a Resonant Repeater that lets wireless power “hop” over a larger distance—enhancing the range and flexibility of your wireless power solution. You’ll experiment by sending power through non-metallic materials—like a desktop, glass window, a brick wall, or an aquarium full of water and fish!

WiTricity technology uses magnetic fields to transfer energy and is safe for operation around people and animals. You’ll get hands on learning about WiTricity technology and begin to apply it to your own applications. Prodigy is more than a demonstration kit. It’s your gateway to a future of a world without wires!

The Prodigy demonstration kit is ideal for exploring the universe of possible applications enabled through a WiTricity license:

Corporate Engineers:

Prodigy equips engineers with the tools and information they need to learn about, experiment with, and demonstrate WiTricity’s technology. Professional customers can receive the Prodigy circuit designs and access to WiTricity engineers that can map out all the solutions WiTricity technology can provide. If a customer desires to move forward, WiTricity can provide a Custom Support Solution, often including prototyping, electromagnetic modeling, proof of concept builds, and much more.

Inventors and Entrepreneurs:

With an unlimited world of opportunity for using wireless electricity product designers, inventors and entrepreneurs will create many of the products that help our world to go wireless. Prodigy is your gateway to new products and business opportunities just waiting to be invented. Technically savvy product designers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to purchase Prodigy and explore what is possible with highly resonant wireless power transfer.

Educators and Researchers – Special Discount:

Prodigy is a visually stimulating and hands-on demonstration that captures the imaginations of students from 8th grade physics classrooms to college electrical engineering laboratories. Science educators can create lesson and hands-on laboratory plans to build an exciting introduction to high tech electro-magnetics and the physics of resonance and wireless energy transfer.

Prodigy is also a useful tool for applied research. It can provide the framework for thinking about highly resonant wireless power transfer that a researcher may need on his or her path to a revolutionary development. WiTricity offers a discount to all science and engineering educators and researchers associated with an accredited academic institution.

As part of WiTricity’s commitment to science education, we offer the Prodigy Demo Kit at a discounted price of only $750 to students and accredited educational institutions.  Choose the “Buy Education” option in the blue box to the right.