• Q: How has WiTricity pioneered Magnetic Resonance?

    WiTricity has developed systems/devices that use Magnetic Resonance to couple energy through oscillating magnetic fields. Resonant coupling occurs when the natural frequencies of the two systems – a transmitter and a receiver — are approximately the same. WiTricity powered transmitters and receivers are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over distances via the magnetic near-field.

  • Q: What are the advantages of Magnetic Resonance?

    Magnetic Resonance delivers wireless power over distance, without compromise, from milliwatts to kilowatts. There are 4 major advantages:

    1. Spatial Freedom
    2. Multiple devices powered by single source
    3. Powers through surfaces
    4. Scalable power transfer
  • Q: What sets WiTricity apart in wireless charging?

    WiTricity is the acknowledged leader in magnetic resonance with a 10-year history in designing Magnetic Resonance systems and has unmatched magnetic & power electronics system designs. WiTricity holds the foundational patents for highly resonant wireless power transfer, with over 1,000 issued patents and over 500 pending patent applications.

  • Q: How does WiTricity’s technology differ from inductive/Qi?

    Inductive charging technology requires the transmitter and receiver to be in close contact and with perfect spatial alignment.

    Magnetic Resonant charging allows power transfer over distance with greater spatial freedom, allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously – through surfaces, at different power levels.

  • Q: What is WiTricity doing to create an interoperable ecosystem?

    WiTricity is helping to drive international standards efforts through its leadership and participation in industry groups including the SAE International (Global), IEC/ISO (Global), DKE (Germany), CATARC (China) and GB (China).

    October 22, 2020 – SAE International Publishes Two New Documents Enabling Commercialization of Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles > read press release


  • Q: How does WiTricity technology differ from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?

    Many people assume that Magnetic Resonance must be similar to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology.  However, the technologies are similar in name only. MRI is, as its name suggests, a technology for using magnetism as a basis for diagnostic imaging of soft tissue in the human body. The “resonance” referred to in “MRI” refers to the resonance of atomic structures.

  • Q: How efficient is WiTricity technology?

    The power transfer efficiency of a WiTricity solution depends on the relative sizes of the power transmitters and receivers, tuning of the solution for a specific distance between transmitters and receivers, and the desired power level. Electric vehicle wireless charging is as efficient as conventional plug-in, seeing results of 90-93%, grid to battery.

  • Q: How do I work with WiTricity?

    Through ODMs and partners, WiTricity enables the promise of wireless power by offering complete solutions from key components to system design. OEM customers and Tier 1 suppliers have the opportunity to purchase our EV reference designs to develop and manufacture their own wireless power transfer solution. Our unique capabilities and breadth of technology know-how allows us to help you build your wireless product quickly and efficiently.

    Working with WiTricity

  • Q: Where and when can I buy WiTricity products?

    WiTricity technology is designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM’s) to embed directly in their products and systems. If your company is an OEM, please contact us to discuss your application in more detail. If you are a consumer that is eager to purchase products that are WiTricity enabled, please use our contact form and we will connect you with our partner network.