Go Wireless.

Just park. And charge.

The future of charging is surprisingly simple.


Nothing could be more convenient or reliable for home EV charging than WiTricity’s wireless charging. Just park. And charge.

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Wireless charging at commercial buildings provides the accessibility and dependability EV drivers are looking for, with no cables to wrangle or plugs to malfunction. Just park. And charge.

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Public Transportation

Buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services can all take advantage of wireless charging, where Power Snacking™ and semi-dynamic charging can extend their range.

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Commercial fleets can achieve a lower total cost of ownership of their electric cars, vans, and trucks with wireless charging.

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As efficient and fast as plug-in.

Cables don’t offer significantly better power transfer efficiency—they have losses too. WiTricity’s wireless charging is 90-93% efficient from grid to battery, just like the plug.

Don’t mind the gap.

WiTricity’s wireless charging solution delivers high energy transfer over a wide air gap – so one solution can span sports cars, sedans, and SUVs. Every passenger EV will be interoperable with a common ground pad.

Perfect parking is overrated.

If you can park, you can charge. Position allowance corrects or compensates for parking misalignment. Easy.

Accessible for all drivers.

Wireless charging means no hassling with cords, cables, or nozzles. If you can park, you can charge.

Power snacking whenever.

Wireless charging can be put almost anywhere – which means fleets can integrate charging into their existing workflows and operations to allow opportunity charging while loading and unloading. Have a power snack every time you park.

The snowplow has met its match.

WiTricity’s solution powers through materials and the elements, and can be installed on- or in-ground. Asphalt, cement, snow, ice – no problem.

Smart and Safe

WiTricity’s advanced charging pad detects foreign or living objects – a soda can or the family cat – and automatically shuts down to protect you and your vehicle.

Bi-Directional Power Transfer (V2G)

EV batteries can help utility companies stabilize the grid or even power your home. Imagine electric school buses providing emergency power for the schools they serve!

Enabling the Future

Semi-dynamic and dynamic charging can power vehicles on the go, from buses to taxis in a queue to roadways. Will the charging lane be the next HOV lane?

What we do is incredibly simple. We make it possible for you to charge your electric vehicle wirelessly. Just as fast as plugging in. With WiTricity, charging is now easier and more convenient.


EV wireless charging is an enabler for the future of mobility that is electric, shared and autonomous.

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