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The WiTricity model car is a miniaturized version of our magnetic resonance system created by our licensee, JJPlus. It uses the same patented magnetic resonance technology you’ll find in full-sized vehicles – just park and charge! Our WiTricity Halo™ charging solution is a complete end-to-end, hassle-free charging experience.

Magnetic resonance transfers electric energy over distance without wires and is the only technology that meets automaker requirements for wireless charging. It’s as efficient as conventional plug-in, powers through materials, spans all vehicle heights, and provides bi-directional power. Learn more here.


The wireless charging pad is a miniaturized version of WiTricity’s EV charging pad, and demonstrates the wireless transfer of power to the model car. The charging pad is equipped with a USB Type C port. Plug it in, and simply place the model car on its surface, roll over the WiTricity logo, and see the lights come on as energy is exchanged. (Note, the model car does not have an internal battery – this is just a demonstration of the energy exchange.)

Step 1

Please use the supplied Type-C cable with a power adapter to connect the Wireless Charging Pad. Once connected, please press the switch button on and the product will be ready to use. The LED lights should be green, which means the Wireless Charging Pad is ready to use. You may see other color LED lights when you switch the Wireless Charging Pad on. If so, click the power button until the lights are green.

Step 2

Place the model car in the center of the Wireless Charging pad, then roll forward over the WiTricity logo. You will see the headlights light up on the model car and lights come on below the car to show that energy is being transferred wirelessly. The Wireless Charging Pad will also switch to a constant blue LED light.

You can play with the car—rolling more on the left side of the pad or the right side of the pad to see that parking doesn’t have to be perfect. You can also lift the car above the pad to see that it has a range of wireless power transfer over distance.

After being powered on for 8 hours, the system will automatically power off.

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