Wireless EV Charging for Government Fleets

With the US Government’s electrification milestones and investments to dramatically accelerate EV adoption, there is a corresponding need to significantly expand the EV charging network in the US. Wireless EV charging has been specifically identified by the US Government as an important part of the overall EV charging network for both commercial and US Government applications.

In this first-of-its-kind webinar, attendees gained insights into the benefits of wireless EV charging and where (and how) it can both complement and replace traditional plug-in charging. The webinar also explored applications of wireless charging, including applications where wireless EV charging solutions are superior and addressed the timing of WiTricity wireless EV charging solutions becoming commercially available.

Access the presentation content from WiTricity’s CEO, Alex Gruzen, and Siemens Head of Charging Infrastructure, Thomas Wuerz

Download webinar presentation