A True Champion of Clean Energy. The Green Revolution starts in Oceanside.

by Anna Staniszewska

Have you ever met someone who radiates joy and positivity, and has a passion for sustainability and clean energy that’s simply contagious? Someone whose enthusiasm for solar power and electric cars is so infectious that it makes you want to join the green revolution and start driving electric and mounting solar panels on your rooftop too? Roger Davenport is that person.

Roger, a resident of Oceanside, California, has dedicated his life to promoting green living and clean energy. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from UC Berkeley and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona, he has spent his career researching and developing solar energy technology. From working at the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI, now NREL), to Science Applications International Corp (SAIC, now Leidos), Roger and his wife have made it their mission to promote a sustainable future. “Transportation is responsible for 50% of all greenhouse emissions in our beautiful Oceanside,” says Roger. “As part of our personal climate-change awareness, we have eliminated natural gas and gasoline use around our current home. We have converted our home appliances to all-electric (including heat pump water heating and heat pumps for heating/cooling) and installed 7.5kW of photovoltaic panels and two Tesla Powerwalls, which provide 100%+ solar energy and practically 100% zero utility use.”

Roger’s passion for electric vehicles (EVs) began in the ’90s when he purchased a 1980s Jet Electrica, a Ford Escort that was converted by a company that was trying to sell it commercially at the time. Since then, he has been an early adopter of EVs and has owned a range of electric vehicles, including a 2012 Leaf, a plug-in Prius, a 2012 RAV4 EV with a Tesla powertrain, and his most recent addition, a 2013 Tesla Model S (P85).

Roger’s eco-friendly journey doesn’t end with electric cars. “Despite the rising popularity of EVs, many people still hesitate to make the switch due to concerns about charging.” But Roger has found the holy grail of EV charging: wireless technology. “It’s simplicity. You just need a place to drive over, and you’re done!” he enthuses. “No more fumbling with cords or worrying about moving parts!”

Moreover, Roger sees wireless charging as a potential solution to the problem of EV batteries getting bigger and bigger while lithium supplies are limited. “By implementing wireless stationary and dynamic charging, the onboard battery can be much smaller without limiting the effectiveness of the EV, thereby extending lithium supplies and making the vehicles lighter and more efficient.”

It was a pleasure talking to Roger! He is more than just a solar power and EV enthusiast; he is a true champion of green living and clean energy! With more people with Roger’s commitment to a sustainable future, we should be safe.


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