Blog: Better Charging Options Are Here for EVs

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas

Charging is one of the biggest reasons more people aren’t quickly moving from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. Sure, you hear about EVs in the news every day. And, based on what you’re hearing, (or seeing, depending on where you live) you’d think every car new car is an EV. However, to date, only 2.2% of the world’s cars are electric. What’s it going to take to get broader adoption of EVs?

The early adopters of EVs love their cars — according to a recent study sponsored by WiTricity and conducted by TideWatch Partners, an independent market research firm, EV owners have an NPS of 81. (NPS – Net Promoter Score – is a widely used metric to rate how likely someone would be to recommend a particular item or brand, and runs on a scale from -100 to 100. A score of 81 is considered off the charts.)

But even at that level of enthusiasm, over a quarter of EV owners state that EV charging is “a hassle.” Meanwhile, people who don’t currently own an EV worry that their charger will break or get stolen, worry that they’ll forget to charge, or worry that someone else in the household will forget to charge.

What if you didn’t have to remember? What if you could just park, and the charging would take care of itself?

Wireless charging makes that possible, and the survey shows that consumers want it! In fact, when shown the option of simply driving over a charging pad to have their EV automatically begin charging, consumers were up to 68% more likely to purchase an EV. Why? It’s easier, more convenient, and addresses a big drawback to EV ownership.

Hyundai’s Genesis GV60 has wireless charging, and Korean car enthusiasts can’t wait to experience it, according to Motorgraph. WiTricity licensee VIE recently shared their wireless charging solution for Chinese automaker FAW on social media.

Now THAT’s a better charging experience. Check out the survey results here.