Blog: I Like It. You Will Too.

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas

Ever have a great restaurant experience and raved about it to your friends and on every social media platform? Or, had a great experience ordering something online, and couldn’t wait to tell your friends so they could also experience the same? Maybe it’s because of all the angst and anxiety around us today, but it’s great to have a chance to share good experiences.

Electric vehicle (EV) owners love to share their experiences. In fact, in many instances, EV owners actually do the selling to potential owners. In Rochester, for example, consumers can make appointments online to speak with an EV owner:

“Whether you’re getting ready to purchase an electric vehicle or just trying to learn more
about electric cars, talking with a local EV owner and learning from their experience is a
great option. A current EV owner is often the best source of information for the vehicle
they drive. Take advantage of a low pressure, non-salesy way to get your questions
answered about electric cars before you make the switch.”

But it’s not just EV owners’ raves that are convincing others to go electric. It’s also the experience of driving an EV that’s turning the tide. And the benefits that come along with it: EV owners report great satisfaction with speed, with lower overall costs, and just the sheer coolness of their rides.

EVs are quickly moving beyond early adopters. In just a few short years, according to various pledges and publicly disclosed plans, EVs will be the majority of vehicles available from car manufacturers. But to appeal to a more reluctant crowd, EV owners and the industry will need to convince consumers that the “hassle of charging” has been addressed.

Wireless charging can help this acceleration. Turns out, when you add wireless charging as an option to the mix, consumers’ interest in electric vehicles spiked considerably. “Seems like the simplest option to charging the car and it would definitely increase my likelihood of buying an EV.”

Everyone agrees the wireless solution makes charging easier and more convenient: 86% were very or extremely interested.

As the EV community grows and shares their experiences, they will bring others along with them.