Blog: Just Like Charging a Smartphone. But Better.

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager

What makes a new car model exciting to consumers? In the case of the new Hyundai GV60, it’s wireless charging!

Motorgraph recently asked its readers what impressed them most about the new Hyundai Genesis GV60. More than 10,000 people responded to the question and I’m thrilled that, immediately behind the new Crystal Sphere, is Wireless Charging! Manufacturers are continually aiming for premium status in their electric vehicles by including a variety of new technologies. In the list of new technologies in the GV60, wireless charging beat out other technologies, including boost and drift modes, over-the-air update function, and biometric technology Face Connect and fingerprint recognition. That’s quite a list!

Wireless technology – powered by WiTricity’s patented technology – was cited as the second most exciting new feature on the GV60. It created a lot of enthusiasm with readers exclaiming, “I am very excited about wireless charging,” “I am willing to buy an electric car if wireless charging is commercialized properly,” and more.

In response to the GV60 incorporating wireless charging, WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen commented, “We’re thrilled to see our technology in a new luxury EV like the GV60. This is truly a watershed moment with Hyundai at the forefront of technology solutions that enable a better driving experience. We expect it won’t be long until all car manufacturers include wireless charging for their customers.”

Wireless EV charging has been discussed for many years, and now it has moved beyond discussion to reality. Along with the Hyundai Genesis, taxis are taking advantage of the technology in public trials. For those taxi drivers, wireless charging in the taxi queue lets them “Power Snack™” to extend their range to last the whole shift. And for all drivers, there’s an added peace of mind from never worrying if they’ve remembered to plug in. But, more than anything, wireless charging eliminates the hassle of dealing with plugging in. This simpler solution with no moving parts provides a more reliable charge, including no dealing with an armful of squirming toddler while trying to wrangle the cord, nothing to fumble with in inclement weather, nothing to break or get stolen. And no handling of a plug that everyone else has touched!

“Wireless charging has the power to unlock the true potential of the EV revolution because it is designed explicitly for the ways electric vehicles work and for our human desire for ease and simplicity,” commented Gruzen. “There is certainly a place for fast charging to support long-distance travel, but for the vast majority of day-to-day driving it’s not necessary. With wireless charging ubiquitous, you can power snack through your errands and never worry about range. Designed with the future of smart cities in mind, WiTricity’s wireless charging pad can be installed on or in-ground, making them suitable in locations where snowplows are a regular fixture.”

It’s nice to see Genesis leading the way. Auto manufacturers are quickly realizing the freedom and safety wireless charging provides. Drivers will begin to appreciate what Genesis customers are quickly learning – wireless eliminates the plug so you can simply park and charge.