Charging into Retirement with EV Wireless Charging

by Eric Cohen

“I’ve been embracing new technology for 50 years!” exclaimed Roger O’Connor. “Although I’m in my 80’s, I’m always looking for the next big thing and wireless charging is it.” That’s quite an endorsement from a gentleman who was an early adopter of the latest technologies including the PC, email, cell phone, VCR, digital camera, and GPS. “I continue to follow the latest technologies and can’t wait to see what’s coming next!”

Not one to wait and be called into action, Roger joined the Navy after college and obtained his pilot’s license. After three years of service, he returned stateside and began working with American Airlines at both Washington National (now Reagan National) and Dulles airports in the Washington, D.C. area. He was one of many who worked behind-the-scenes to ensure everyone got to where they were going. From operations and manually processing computing loads and balances, to data systems automating travel agency reservations ensuring travel agents (anyone remember using a travel agent?) received their commissions. He continued his work at National Data Corporation providing data services to pharmaceutical companies prior to retiring in 2010 … and hitting the road! “My wife and I spent a year in our RV traveling the country with our 2005 Isuzu Ascender attached to the back. We loved parking at campsites and then exploring each day – every nook and cranny of our beautiful country we could find.”

Enjoying life in southwestern Virginia, Roger sold his RV and Isuzu and decided it was time to go electric. “I tried four different Teslas, but ordered a Rivian SUV since it has more room, is more comfortable, and has some self-driving capabilities I look forward to using. I particularly like that it will give us the flexibility to explore offroad trails, which we hope to enjoy.”

Roger can’t wait to get his Rivian – but is certain he would like it more once he can get wireless charging, “When I first heard about wireless charging, I was incredibly impressed. To be able to drive up and have the instrument panel guide me over the charging pad and begin charging … wow! I’ve done so much traveling and staying in campgrounds over the years that I’m done with plugging and unplugging. No matter how easy it sounds, connecting and disconnecting a vehicle gets old very quickly. The convenience of simply parking and charging makes life so much easier.”

Along with convenience, Roger quickly adds “safety” to his list of why he wants wireless charging. “It’s not just the connecting and disconnecting. It’s doing it in the rain. I was always concerned about handling anything electric in the rain. I won’t have to worry about that with wireless charging. It’s so much safer.”

No matter what you hear about people in retirement slowing down, that’s not Roger. I’m sure it won’t be long after Roger gets his Rivian that he and his wife will be back on the road.