Convenience, Cleanliness, and Peace of Mind

by Eric Cohen

After 40 years together, Tony and Laurel Sgro can nearly finish each other’s sentences. But they don’t! Having said that, there’s certainly one area where they’re totally in synch: sustainability and the environment. Having come from the ski industry and spending enormous amounts of time outdoors, Tony and Laurel are very attuned to Mother Nature – what she provides and what we’re taking away. Currently living in the Bay area, they’re also very aware of the need for transportation that’s clean, safe, and convenient.

In 1990, Tony and Laurel established EdVenture Partners (EVP), which builds academic partnerships to address social impact, marketing communications, sales, and other business-related challenges for Fortune 500s, governments, and trade associations. Having partnered with nearly 1,000 academic institutions in 76 countries worldwide, EVP has enabled 300,000 students to participate in peer-to-peer, experiential learning programs. One of their first clients was General Motors, and since then, EVP has helped eight other automotive brands understand the youth market. “We have gasoline running in our veins,” Tony quipped. Throughout its 30-year history, EVP has always been a virtual company. As a result, Tony and Laurel have not needed a vehicle for commuting. But they do need cars for daily living and heading into remote areas for hiking, biking, fishing, and communing with nature.

They’re both in sync in terms of their next car being electric. And although they’re not aligned as to what that next car will be, they are in synch when it comes to wireless charging. “Wireless is a fabulous concept,” commented Laurel. “I really like the convenience and cleanliness of not having to deal with cords. To be able to simply pull in and not have to plug it in? That cinches it for me!”

Reinforcing Laurel’s comment, Tony said, “As we move down the EV path, one of the biggest complaints is charging station vandalism. With no moving parts, wireless charging provides one less opportunity for vandalism and more opportunity to always be working.” Continuing he said, “I’d hate to be out in a remote area after fly fishing needing to charge and the only charger is broken. Wireless charging gives me peace of mind.” Laurel quickly added, “It also provides peace of mind from a safety aspect. The last thing I want to do in a remote area is get out of my car and plug in a charger. With wireless charging, I simply park and charge.”

Convenience, cleanliness, and peace of mind. Three good reasons wireless charging is charging our EV future. Oh … and safety too!