First it was about the money. Now it’s about safety.

by Eric Cohen

Tony De Stefani spends his days with his head down looking at spreadsheets, talking with analysts, and ensuring his clients achieve their long-term goals. Not an easy job in today’s market for a financial advisor. And, with his mind wrapped around numbers, it was critical he find the right “next car” – at the right price – when his last one had reached its limit.

With two teenagers and a busy work schedule, Tony’s day is full with coaching his kids’ sports teams, assisting with school activities, and visiting a winery every now and then. And although he enjoyed one of his first cars, a Jeep Wrangler, he always felt a car was a means to an end. Just a way to get from Point A to Point B. But that changed when he began researching electric vehicles. “Like most people, I’m concerned about the environment and global warming.  And when we moved into a new home with solar panels and a pre-installed charger, I knew an electric car would be part of our future. At the time, comfort and mileage were important in my decision. But, as a financial advisor, the tax credits were definitely an incentive.”

Tony was intrigued the first time he heard about wireless charging. “Yes, I’ve forgotten to plug in my Tesla. Unfortunately, more times than I remember. As a result, when that happened, I had to get to a charger to get just enough miles to get to my morning appointment. Wireless charging would change all of that. I wouldn’t have to wonder if I plugged in when I woke up in the morning. It would be one less concern.”

Another area of concern is safety. With two kids (and their friends) in and out of the garage, Tony is always worried someone will trip over the charging cord. “Our charger is on the same wall as our bikes. Anytime anyone is in the garage – kids, friends – I feel compelled to unplug the car so they don’t trip over the wire. Or damage the plug. A friend’s father tried removing the charging plug from his son’s Tesla. Suffice it to say, the charger broke off and the car (and charger) had to be repaired before the car could be charged. Wireless charging would be so much safer than plug-in charging.”

“It’s all about convenience and ease of use. Although my current car still has miles to go before being replaced, I will definitely look for factory-installed wireless charging on my next EV. I have a Tesla today only because I didn’t have a lot of options at the time. In the next few years, car makers will need to do something to stand out from the competition – and it’s not just range. Wireless changing will be the factor in my purchase decision.”