What’s It Like to Charge an EV Wirelessly?

By Amy Barzdukas

I’ve been sharing the good news that wireless charging for electric vehicles is real, and that it is just as efficient as the plug since I joined WiTricity in 2021. It’s an easy concept to grasp since so many of us use wireless technologies where we used to have cords, cables, and connectors tying us down. But what’s it really feel like to just park and charge with no action needed?

This month we’ve got a video and photos that capture just how fantastic the experience is. First, we’ve shared news about the Genesis GV60 having wireless charging – but now we’ve partnered with the intrepid DK Kim of CarSceneKorea in South Korea to go rent a GV60 and put wireless charging through its paces at the Lotte rental facility in Seoul. He loves it! At last, a charging experience that matches the rest of the luxury brand’s beautiful car. After all, you wouldn’t expect lousy lumbar support or plastic seats in a luxury SUV like the GV60 – why settle for a clunky plug? You can check out his full review here. Be sure to like the video and let us know what you think!

We’ve added a secondary screen to help with positioning in addition to using the Mustang Mach-E’s forward-facing camera for a seamless parking experience. You can see that the car is charging at above 10kW – over 90% efficiency – just like the plug.

Even more hands on? We recently hosted an EVs and Espresso gathering at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab, and invited members of the local EV and Tesla owners associations to join us and try it for themselves. On a cold Saturday morning we got a crowd of EV fans aged 3 and up to join us for some hot caffeinated beverages and a cool parking and charging experience with our upgraded Mustang Mach-E. “F-ing magical,” was one quote. Everyone found the experience to be easy – “it’s way, way harder to get into a carwash than to find the right spot to park – this was totally easy.” And, of course, people wanted to know just when they could get it for their own EVs. (We’re working on it!) Check out the photos – it’s real, and it really works!



Here’s a video that shows how easy it is to charge wirelessly:

What’s it Like to Park and Charge?