When Can My Genesis GV60 Charge Wirelessly?

by Eric Cohen

“I’m really excited about getting into EVs. I’m even more excited about charging my EV wirelessly.”

When that email showed up in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to speak with Andy Cooper. Why was he so excited about electric vehicles? And, what is it about wireless charging that got him so “charged up?”

Andy lives in the Washington, DC area and, because of his work in cybersecurity, he loves technology. “I love tinkering with gadgets and technology but, I felt like I was behind the curve when it came to electric vehicles,” Andy explained. “As I began thinking about my next car, I quickly realized that this generation of EVs had crossed the threshold of being very compelling. With incredibly well-designed offerings, the industry had turned the corner and I was ready.”

As he began his research, Andy became obsessed with electric vehicles and settled on the Genesis GV60. “First the car is beautiful. I don’t see any ugliness in it! The car’s engineers planned well ahead with the features they provided.” This became particularly important as Andy was also researching  the concept of battery storage for his home and realized the expense for a stand-alone battery was not something he could justify. “Knowing what’s future-built into the car, I look forward to a time when I can use it as a back-up charger for my home. The concept of V2H (vehicle to house) will supplement the solar I currently have and goes beyond to V2G (vehicle to grid) as the solution to bridge the gap of when energy is being generated and distributed. A distributed power solution is something we should all aim to achieve.”

As Andy delved deeper into all the bells and whistles his new Genesis GV60 provided, he learned it was being tested with wireless charging in South Korea. “Wow! This car is the gift that keeps on giving. Technologically, it’s so far ahead of everything else on the market. I would love wireless charging built into my GV60 so I could begin using it here – in the United States. Wireless charging is the natural evolution for EV charging. It’s so simple and natural. While EVs provide the convenience of charging at home, wireless charging takes that convenience one step further by completely removing the refueling aspect. It’s a marvel.”

Andy goes on to explain that for “tech heads,” like himself, the neatness factor of wireless charging is a compelling factor in selecting one vehicle over another. Personally, he appreciates the aesthetics. “With no cords, it’s clean and integrated. With no cords, it’s simple and easy to use. And, with no cords, it’s safe. Moving beyond my garage, I love the idea that if I need to charge in my driveway or on the curb in front of my home, I don’t have to have cords everywhere.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Andy.