When Opposites Attract

by Eric Cohen

Jeff and Monique Smith are opposites when it comes to cars. He’s focused on costs and efficiency. She’s all about the beauty and aesthetics. Oh … did I mention Jeff is focused on costs? They both love their 2018 Tesla Model 3, but they came to it for different reasons. One thing they’re aligned on, however, is wireless charging.

As a Realtor® for 33 years, Jeff puts a lot of miles on his cars; they’re an important tool to ensure success in his job. He has clients throughout San Diego County (the fifth largest county in the country and home to more than 3.2 million people) and relies on his cars to get him (and his customers) from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently.

The Smiths have five cars to support their active family. In addition to the Tesla Model 3 mentioned earlier, they have a 2016 Lexus ES 300H, 2021 Chevy Silverado Truck, Lexus GS 460, and 2003 Saab 9.3. Each was purchased for a specific purpose and used by members throughout their family. It was Monique who was interested in an electric vehicle 25when it became time to replace their main commuter car (Saab 9.3). Living in southern California, she saw Teslas on every corner and in every parking lot. She fell in love with the look; her feeling was reinforced when a friend raved about the car. She only had to mention the rising cost of gas and Jeff immediately bought into the idea of going electric. As long it was a used car. “I’ll let the original owner take the depreciation.”

Both Jeff and Monique enjoy driving their Tesla but agree that wireless charging would make it even better. “It’s a brilliant idea and would definitely make charging more convenient,” commented Monique. “The Tesla is very smart but the one thing it can’t do is charge itself.” Jeff added, “Like many others, I’m sure, we forgot to plug the car in over the fourth of July. It would be a relief to not have to even think about charging.” He continued, “with so many cars, we’re always juggling which cars are in the garage, on the driveway, or on the street. It’d be great to have a charger that taps into my lamp post outside our house so if the garage is full, we can simply park and charge.”

Balancing Jeff’s practicality, Monique quickly added, “I love the idea of wireless charging. With no more cords, it’s aesthetically more beautiful.” It’s safer too.