Wireless EV Charging. Obviously.

by Eric Cohen

Close your eyes and imagine hearing waves crash on the rock-hewn coast of Maine, feel the morning ocean air as the cool mist settles on the coast, and see fishermen bring in boatloads of lobster at the end of each day. George Simonson and Mary Brennan are two of the lucky ones who don’t have to imagine this bucolic setting; they retired from New York City to Maine nearly 30 years ago. Residing in a beautiful 1840 farmhouse in a small fishing village, George and Mary are living the American dream, especially since the Internet became available a few years ago, But they’re not sitting on the front porch in their rockers watching the world pass by.

Solar panels. Electric vehicles. Wireless EV charging.

George and Mary are first movers. Their barn roof solar panels are strategically placed to maximize sun load. Their Tesla Model 3 Long Range sits out front by the side of the road so the curious can test the car and learn how it works. “So many people are doubtful of electric vehicles. We love educating our community on how great they are to drive and how they can help save our planet,” commented George. “We’re committed to being spokespeople for our planet,” added Mary.

As self-confessed cheerleaders for our planet, George and Mary are excited that Maine is changing. “We live 32 miles from Portland – the big city,” George stated. “It wasn’t long ago that there were 18 chargers between here and there. Now there are 32!” “Including 12 Tesla superchargers in Portland and 8 along the way in Freeport!” Mary quickly added.

George and Mary hadn’t thought about wireless charging before the subject was brought up, but they quickly bought into it. “Now that you’ve suggested the concept, it’s simply the way it should be,” Mary commented. “It’s just so sensible that you can pull in your driveway and start charging. And it’s cold here! Not having to get out of the car to charge is a huge plus, along with alleviating the worry about the plug freezing to the car. Anything that makes the charging experience better – and easier – is a plus for me.”

People Need to Experience Wireless Charging

George is intrigued. “I can’t wait to try it out. Like people test driving our Tesla, people need to experience wireless charging. Once they do, I’m sure it won’t take much convincing that this is the way to go.”

“Anyone with a fleet of vehicles needs wireless charging,” Mary added. “There’s a big push for towns to purchase electric vehicles. And they need to do it on a budget. They’re going to love wireless charging because it’s more efficient than plug-in charging, and it requires even less maintenance. Definitely a cost saver.”

George summed up the conversation stating, “It’s the evanescence of technology – today’s technology forces old technology to disappear. Just as electric vehicles are replacing ICE vehicles, wireless charging will replace the old plug-in model.”

Can’t happen soon enough, George.


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