A Conversation with WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen

December 11, 2019 / Sebastian Blanco / Ride, by Kelley Bluebook

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is familiar to millions of people who use an electric toothbrush or an Apple Watch. But the electric vehicle drivers who will get to know this technology soonest are likely to be the Chinese and the Europeans, according to WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen.

      • Government initiatives are helping wireless charging get a toe-hold in Asia and Europe.
      • WiTricity has been working with companies around the world for years now.
      • The company’s acquisition of Qualcomm earlier in 2019 sets the stage for broad acceptance of inductive EVs.

“The strongest signs are coming out of China, South Korea and Germany in terms of wireless charging,” he said. “China is moving very quickly. We have multiple customers committed to production in China over the next couple years. China’s EV market is just massive and is moving faster than the rest of the world.”

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