Watertown Company Helps Dell Develop 1st Wireless Charging Laptop

Asma Khalid  Reporter

Dell’s new wireless charging laptop, featuring technology developed by Watertown-based tech company WiTricity, hits the market Tuesday.

The Latitude 7285 is essentially the first of its kind in the computer industry. The new laptop charges through magnetic resonance technology that was developed at WiTricity.

“The power source, which is the pad that the laptop sits on, creates a magnetic field that the laptop uses to charge,” explained Morris Kesler, WiTricity’s chief technology officer. There’s a coil in the back of the laptop and a coil in the charging pad that creates the magnetic field.

Kesler says the mat charges the laptop just as fast as a traditional power cord. But for now, wireless charging isn’t as mobile as customers might imagine. Even though you don’t have to plug the WiTricity laptop into a wall, the mat has to remain plugged in to function.

“The idea is you might have one of these on your desktop,” said Kesler, pointing to a thin black charging mat with a Dell laptop on it. “You might have one in a conference room, where you just put your device down there and it charges. You might have one at home. You have these around and the convenience is, I don’t have to worry about plugging and unplugging and carrying an adapter with me.”

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