Wireless EV Charging Company WiTricity Wins Major Investments, Partnership As Cord-Free Charging Expands

Concerns of where they’ll plug in an electric vehicle to replenish its charge is a major obstacle for many consumers not ready to trade in their gas burners for battery-powered rides. It’s also an inconvenience and efficiency issue for commercial operations using battery-electric robots and transport vehicles. But WiTricity, a global developer of wireless charging technology, is now attracting millions in new investments from automotive suppliers and tech companies and entering into a new agreement with a major manufacturer of wireless charging systems for industrial vehicles.

Forbes’ Senior Contributor, Ed Garsten, sat down with WiTricity CEO, Alex Gruzen to discuss exciting developments and what’s on the horizon. From the recent Siemens and Wiferion announcements to the increasing interest in wireless charging, the article also mentions WiTricity’s work with SAE to develop standards, Hyundai Genesis and FAW vehicles now charging wirelessly, and participation at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show next month. As Alex says, “Everything that has a cord or cable is going to go wireless. That’s happened with every technology in history.”

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