WiTricity Joins Power Matters Alliance

Pioneer of Wireless Power Transfer over Distance to Vice-Chair Resonance Working Group

WATERTOWN, Mass. — WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, announced today that it has joined the Power Matters Alliance. WiTricity, the exclusive licensee of MIT’s patents for wireless energy transfer, will help define a highly resonant implementation for the PMA’s ‘Power 2.0’ set of specifications.

“WiTricity has done some of the most foundational work in wireless power in the modern era,” said Ron Resnick, president, Power Matters Alliance. “We are thrilled that WiTricity will be making their experience and knowhow available, is committed to offer licenses to WiTricity IP to all PMA members and will be helping to lead the PMA’s Resonance Working Group.”

PMA recently formed a technical working group to add a resonant implementation to the ‘Power 2.0’ group of specifications. WiTricity has been appointed to Vice-Chair this working group, whose first task is to create a specification for smartphone-ready highly resonant wireless power. This specification, the first draft of which is expected to be available to PMA members later this year, will be fully compatible with the PMA’s existing inductive wireless power specification and products.

“We have been watching the competing standards for wireless power for some years, and have been evaluating which showed the most promise,” said WiTricity CEO Eric Giler. “Our decision to join the PMA reflects our conclusion that the PMA is the group most ready and able to unite the industry around a common standard for wireless charging over distance, which will accelerate the adoption of this technology in the electronic devices consumers rely on every day. Our active role will help enable the development of ubiquitous wireless charging infrastructure in coffee shops, retail stores, homes, offices, airports, cars—so that wireless charging will be available to consumers wherever and whenever they need it.”

About WiTricity
WiTricity is the industry leader in wireless electricity delivered over distance. The company was founded in 2007 to commercialize an exciting new technology for wireless electricity invented by world renowned physicists from theMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With a growing list of global clients in industries including consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices and defense, WiTricity has emerged as the leader for IP and expertise in highly resonant wireless power transfer. For more information, visit www.witricity.com. Follow WiTricity on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.

About the Power Matters Alliance
PMA was founded by Powermat Technologies and Procter & Gamble in 2012. Google’s Vint Cerf – one of the fathers of the Internet – is its Honorary Chairman, and its board includes AT&T, Duracell, Starbucks and the US Government’s Energy Star and Federal Communications Commission (both non-voting). A wide array of PMA-compliant products are available at leading retailers, and compatible ‘wireless charging spots’ have been installed at leading airports, stadiums, restaurants, gyms and hair salons. Membership of the PMA is open to all, and its technical specifications are available to all members at www.powermatters.org.