96 Percent of EV Buyers Want Wireless Charging

New research shows wireless charging is more desirable than full self-driving capabilities Watertown, Mass. – June 2, 2022 – A new research study conducted by Qualtrics, an independent market research firm, found that car buyers want wireless charging as an option on their new electric vehicle (EV). The study, commissioned by WiTricity, aimed to understand…

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How Wireless Charging Transforms the EV Experience

When asked in a recent survey, consumers prefer wireless charging over full self-driving capabilities and other amenities. The survey also found that wireless charging will be used where charging happens most – at home. It appeals to all demographics and expands access. Read why wireless charging is set to transform the EV ownership experience, reduce…

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I Want Wireless Charging Now

by Eric Cohen A few months ago, we announced our WiTricity Halo™ upgrade program – and we’ve gotten a LOT of feedback from EV owners who want it now. We’re excited by the enthusiasm we’ve generated and love learning why wireless charging is so important to EV owners. Here’s one recent EV convert’s story. From…

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Infographic: How Many Steps Does it Take to Charge Your EV

“I’d like to do something in longer, more complicated steps” said almost no one, EVER. The naysayers on wireless charging say, “how hard is it to plug in?” Well, how hard was it to cross the room to change the television channel? How hard was it to stand in the kitchen to make a phone…

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What Will Accelerate EV Adoption

Research finds that wireless charging significantly increases the likelihood of a consumer purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) in the U.S. For those already intending to purchase an EV, their likelihood to purchase increased 40% – from 60% to 84% – when presented with wireless charging as an alternative to plugging in. The increase was even…

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How Will Disabled Drivers Access EV Chargers?

A recent article in Automotive News Shift Report focused on making chargers accessible for disabled drivers. “The federal government will spend billions of dollars building a network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers. Will drivers with disabilities be capable of accessing them? That’s a question with few firm answers. As a push for infrastructure that supports…

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Wireless Charging: Providing Accessibility AND Freedom

A few weeks ago we did a blog post where we interviewed D’Arcee Neal, a disabilities advocate who shared some of his frustrations about dealing with electric vehicle chargers. “Frustrating. Maddening. Disappointing. And painful.” But as you know, seeing is believing. Here is a video of what D’Arcee deals with in the day-to-day charging of…

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Analyzing the safety of wireless electric vehicle charging

WiTricity’s Senior Principal Engineer, Ky Sealy, answers the pressing questions surrounding the safety of wireless charging for electric vehicles.  As electric vehicles (EVs) become more commonplace and car manufacturers focus on expanding their portfolio to include EVs, consumers are becoming more concerned with fuel for such vehicles. Whilst most people are aware of the hazards…

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On the road to wireless charging

Alex Gruzen, CEO of wireless charging company WiTricity, has seen [wireless] evolution take place across multiple industries during his career in consumer electronics, from laptops to Wi-Fi technology. The idea of wireless always begins as an expensive, optional feature, until it suddenly becomes universal. “I see us going through the exact same trend here,” Gruzen…

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