WiTricity Halo charger with EV in elegant garage.

What do luxury car owners want in an electric vehicle?

by Amy Barzdukas WiTricity has commissioned a number of research reports to see if consumers want wireless charging for their electric cars and if they are willing to pay for it – and the overwhelming consensus has been “yes” and “yes.” Virtually everyone (96%) wants wireless EV charging, and they deem it a feature that…

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10 Tips for EV Etiquette

By Craig Cole, Senior Editor EV Pulse Do you know how to be a good electric vehicle owner? Electric vehicles are different, and a lot of drivers don’t have experience with them, so they don’t know the best ways to use their battery-powered cars and trucks. To help you avoid any faux pas, here are…

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Will EVs Destroy the Power Grid?

By Guest Blogger, Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse Will electric vehicles destroy our power grid – that immense system that generates and delivers electricity to your home and workplace? We hear it all the time from the naysayers … “electric vehicles are a scam and they’re going to destroy our power grid.” But is…

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Has This Happened to You?

It’s a hot day, the kids will be home from camp soon, and you need to get the groceries put away before they begin running through the house. You hop out of the car, grab multiple grocery bags from the trunk and … forget to plug in your EV! Check out how WiTricity’s video reenactment…

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What is Bi-Directional Charging and Why Do You Need it?

by Guest Blogger, Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse If you’ve never owned an electric vehicle, there are a lot of confusing terms, like kilowatt-hour… plug-in hybrid… heat pump… and CHAdeMO. Another one that a lot of drivers don’t understand – or even know about – is something called bi-directional charging, but it’s a feature…

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Wireless is Where Electric Vehicles Need to Be

by Eric Cohen Buffalo is no stranger to snow, but a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm brought the city to its knees. As the December 2022 storm raged for days, dumping four feet of snow and packing winds as high as 70 miles per hour, Jacob Szczygiel hunkered down and ensured everything was safe at home. He had…

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EV Maintenance vs. ICE Maintenance

By Guest Blogger Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse All vehicles need maintenance, even electrics. But did you know electric vehicles generally require way less service than conventional gas- or diesel-powered cars and trucks? It’s true. Routine ICE and EV maintenance … you’ve got to do it if you want your vehicle to work properly…

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