Companies Developing Wireless Battery System for Soldiers

The Army is testing a system that would be able to move power wirelessly to and from the conformal battery in a soldier’s vest, allowing him to charge it and power certain devices without being tethered to an outlet. This wireless power transfer could reduce the amount of batteries that soldiers carry by at least…

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How WiTricity’s wireless power system will change everything

As technology continues to take over our lives, so too have unsightly cords, wires, and bulky power sources entangled and cluttered our public and private living spaces. Additionally, the need for easily accessible, portable, and reliable sources of energy – to power everything including wearable technologies, implanted medical devices, and industrial and commercial robotics –…

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TDK moves quickly to commercialize wireless charging for electric cars

TDK today announced that it plans to “quickly commercialize wireless power transfer systems” for charging electric vehicles and other electric mobility applications. The announcement was made after TDK reached a licensing agreement with Watertown, Mass-based WiTricity, a maker of resonant magnetic coupling technology.

TDK Licenses WiTricity Patent Portfolio for Wireless Power

WiTricity announced an intellectual property license agreement with TDK Corporation that will enable TDK to commercialize WiTricity’s patented technology to create efficient and high performance wireless charging systems for carmakers.

WiTricity Appoints Alex Gruzen as CEO

WiTricity today announced that it has named Alex Gruzen as CEO. Gruzen succeeds Eric Giler who, in his five-plus year term as CEO, successfully established WiTricity’s business foundation and commercial capabilities. Giler will continue in his capacity as a member of the WiTricity Board of Directors.

Wireless Electricity – Will It Really Be In Our Future?

For all intents and purposes, we consider ourselves to be a wireless society. Many of us communicate solely through wireless devices such as laptops and cell phones. Many of our tools are wireless, such as drills and saws. Much of our entertainment is wireless, as well.

WiTricity and Protonex to Bring Wireless Charging to the Front Lines

WATERTOWN, Mass.– WiTricity, the industry pioneer in Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (HRWPT) over distance, today announced a major contract award by Protonex, a leading provider of advanced portable power solutions for military applications. The project, which aims to develop wireless charging systems for mounted and dismounted warfighters, was commissioned by the U.S. Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

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