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Wireless Charging Improves the V2G Experience

EVs can do more than just save you money on gas. As we shift more power generation to renewable sources like wind and solar, your EV and its large battery can help move energy to the grid to balance supply and demand. WiTricity’s wireless charging is V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) ready to improve the experience. More reliable…

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WiTricity to Demonstrate Wireless EV Charging Firsts at NAIAS

  Company will display first Ford Mustang Mach-E fitted with WiTricity Halo™ wireless charging receiver Official reveal of WiTricity Halo wireless EV charger First park-and-charge hands-on demonstrations of WiTricity Halo wireless EV charging at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab   Watertown, MA – September 12, 2022 – Building on the momentum of its recent investments…

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A Renaissance Man Embraces EV Wireless Charging

by Eric Cohen From theatre and music to green technology and micro transportation, Matthew Gillian is a true Renaissance Man. Defined as “a person who has wide interests and many areas of knowledge,” Renaissance men, like Matthew, are making differences in their community. After 10 years in the music industry, Matthew’s interest in green technology…

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When Can My Genesis GV60 Charge Wirelessly?

by Eric Cohen “I’m really excited about getting into EVs. I’m even more excited about charging my EV wirelessly.” When that email showed up in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to speak with Andy Cooper. Why was he so excited about electric vehicles? And, what is it about wireless charging that got him so “charged…

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Charging into Retirement with EV Wireless Charging

by Eric Cohen “I’ve been embracing new technology for 50 years!” exclaimed Roger O’Connor. “Although I’m in my 80’s, I’m always looking for the next big thing and wireless charging is it.” That’s quite an endorsement from a gentleman who was an early adopter of the latest technologies including the PC, email, cell phone, VCR,…

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Wireless Charging Needs to be a Requirement, Not an Option

by Eric Cohen David Meng was charging his BMW before most people had even heard about electric vehicles. As an entrepreneur who is always fascinated by the latest technology, David took the plunge into hybrid vehicles very early on and was one of the first to raise his hand when BMW offered a wireless charging…

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Leave the Filling Station Behind

Wireless charging changes how, when, and where EVs will “fill up” – and makes charging as easy as park, and charge. This paper discusses the paradigm shift for today’s EV drivers and why DCFC is not a practical or realistic solution for a vast majority of them. It explains how wireless, distributed charging will make…

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The Next Wireless Revolution: Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging

This white paper goes beyond “Park. And charge” to explain the power and efficiency of wireless charging and the future of electrified, shared, and autonomous transportation. It also delves into the speed and efficiency of wireless EV charging while explaining the economic and practical considerations of wireless charging. Learn how fast, safe, and efficient wireless…

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It’s Time to End the DCFC Arms Race

Although the world is going EV, everyone is still stuck in a gas pump frame of mind. The shift to EVs is every bit as big of a paradigm shift as the one that saw the horse and buggy give way to automobiles at the turn of the last century. Charging needs to be easy,…

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