2022 Genesis GV60 could be the first EV to have wireless inductive charging

The 2022 Genesis GV60 is the brand’s first-ever battery electric vehicle. Genesis unveiled a few production images of its newest GV60 EV a few days ago, and it’s entering the market with a couple of neat innovations. Most recently, Genesis said the GV60 is available with optional wireless charging that charges the floor-mounted batteries without finicky charging…

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Blog: Development Down Under

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager With offices in six countries around the world, WiTricity has its pulse on the burgeoning EV – and wireless charging – marketplace. Our development center in Auckland, New Zealand is headed by Michael Kissin, who joined WiTricity when we acquired the HaloIPT business from Qualcomm in 2019. Let’s take a…

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Pull the plug: How wireless charging makes autonomy a reality

Wireless charging for electric and autonomous vehicles —whether owned by a consumer or managed by a fleet company—is not only inevitable but the technology is available now. Self-driving electric cars for consumers or fleet operators offer a promise of safer streets, more efficient mobility, convenience, and benefits to the environment. According to McKinsey, commercial and…

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Blog: Go slow to go fast

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas When we talk about our wireless EV charging to current EV owners, one of the comments we always hear is “sounds like it won’t be as fast as the plug.” Truth is, it IS every bit as fast as the comparable plug. So there’s no need to worry that wireless…

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Blog: A Wireless Charging Myth Busted in the Real World

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager In August, WiTricity CMO, Amy Barzdukas, wrote a blog post, “Myths About Wireless Charging.” It drew a lot of attention because, like many new technologies, there are many myths surrounding wireless charging for electric vehicles – is it real, is it efficient, and does it work? The answer to all…

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DAIHEN Case Study

DAIHEN, one of WiTricity’s licensees, is proving the power of wireless charging on land, in the air, and on the seas. DAIHEN helps factories and warehouses realize 24-hour operations without any labor needs, along with providing wireless charging for everything from electric golf carts to ultra-small EVs to integrating wireless charging for a Toyota ultra-small EV.

Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Case Study

Delta Electronics, one of WiTricity’s licensees, is proving out the case for autonomy: it’s not too big of a stretch to see how industrial robots that can charge themselves leads to cars that can charge themselves, too. Read the case study to get a taste of that future.

Blog: Behind the Curtain at WiTricity

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager Meet Steve Ganem, WiTricity’s VP of Engineering. Steve leads the electric vehicle wireless charging product development team at WiTricity, and is also responsible for the customer applications team, which spans support, professional services, and training. If you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes at WiTricity, he’s the…

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WiTricity’s Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles to Debut in South Korea

Hyundai’s New Genesis GV60 Will Feature Wireless Charging Watertown, Mass. – October 4, 2021 – WiTricity, the pioneer in wireless charging, today announced that its patented technology is seeing its first availability as factory-installed equipment in a fully electric vehicle (BEV). Hyundai unveiled the Genesis GV60 in a series of videos and announcements featuring wireless…

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Blog: Protecting IP while Protecting our Planet

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager When you work in tech, you hear a lot about patents and intellectual property (IP) as being important. But, when you work in emerging technology, patents and IP can become the life blood of a company. I spent some time with Scott Witonsky, WiTricity’s Vice President of IP & Licensing,…

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