WiTricity and Alps Electric Join Forces to Develop Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices

Partnership Will Foster Breakthroughs for Consumer Electronics and Automotive OEM Applications LAS VEGAS, NV – WiTricity, the industry leaders in highly resonant wireless power transfer — wireless electricity delivered safely over distance — and Alps Electric, a leading global electronics manufacturer, announced today at CES2013 a strategic collaboration to create wireless charging modules and systems…

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Wireless Power May Cut the Cord for Plug-In Devices, Including Cars

A mobile phone that charges in your pocket, a flat-screen TV that needs no power cord, a car fueled by a cordless panel in the floor: In a nondescript building just outside Boston, these and other applications of wireless electricity signal a future with fewer snaking cables. WiTricity, a company spun off from research at…

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Power play: Wireless charging at a distance arrives

It feels a bit like being at a magic show, watching David Schatz hold a light or smartphone feet above a power pad to demonstrate how magnetic resonance wireless technology can charge any device over distance. Schatz, director of business development at WiTricity in Watertown, Mass., can even show off the wireless “room of the…

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WiTricity wireless charging scenarios (part 1)

WiTricity has created more than a half-dozen prototypes for its wireless charging technology. The tech can be used to charge smartphones, TVs, entire rooms of equipment and even electric cars at relatively long distances.

WiTricity kit helps engineers develop wireless power charging

WiTricity gives Computerworld a demo of its Prodigy wireless charging unit, which can charge devices up to about 10 inches away. With a passive repeater, this distance can be extended to feet, and can even power devices through solid objects.

WiTricity wireless charging scenarios (part 2)

Here are some additional prototypes shown for WiTricity’s wireless charging technology. The tech can be used to charge smartphones, TVs, entire rooms of equipment and even electric cars at relatively long distances.

WiTricity Takes Its Car-Charging Technology Out for a Road Test

For a company trying to put wireless charging devices on electric cars, road-trip exercises in circa 2012 can be interesting. WiTricity is the company, based near Boston, which has partnerships with Audi, Mitsubishi and Toyota (which is also an investor) to put wireless charging on electric cars, possibly as early as the 2015 model year….

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CEO Eric Giler Speaks at NewYorkForum Africa

WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, was invited to speak to a distinguished audience of economic, political, environmental and business leaders at the New York Forum Africa 2012 program. In addition to explaining and demonstrating WiTricity technology, Giler describes the ways in which wireless power transfer can help accelerate the access to electric power for people living…

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Massachusetts Governor Patrick Visits WiTricity

Imagine charging your cell phone just by putting it on your hallway table or having lamps you can put anywhere in the room because they don’t have a wire, or even an electrical car that can be charged without plugging in into a special charging station. Gov. Deval Patrick saw these and other prototypes developed…

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