How Easy Could it Be to Charge Your EV?

VERY! As this video shows, it could simply be a matter of parking! No need to get out of your car, deal with cable and plug, and then unplug when finished. Ditch the hassle of the plug. Ask your EV manufacturer when they’re going to add wireless charging from WiTricity.

V2G and the Powersnack™: How Does it Work?

V2G and EVs: How Does it Work? Industry buzz words get bandied about assuming everyone understands what they mean. But, in many instances, people don’t understand or there are multiple definitions. So, to ensure we’re all starting from the same place, let’s define V2G – short for Vehicle-to-Grid – and why it’s an important element…

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Electric Vehicles Making Electric Vehicles

by Eric Cohen If you read the news – or follow our blogs – you know that WiTricity is focused on delivering wireless charging for electric vehicles. But as you know through your own daily activities, wireless charging is used for many other purposes, including your phone. It’s also used for many commercial applications, like…

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images of factory automation

Factory Automation with Mobile Robots: A Natural Fit for Wireless Charging

The automotive industry is changing, and the automotive assembly plant is transforming with it. Not only are car manufacturers building different types of vehicles (electric vs. internal combustion) and different models, but the way they’re building them is changing. A key component of automotive assembly plant makeovers is automated guided vehicles (AGVs) specially designed for…

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How You Charge Your EV Battery Matters

by Morris Kesler, CTO, and Oguz Atasoy, Senior Staff Scientist, WiTricity Based on the popularity of our 80% Rule blog post, it’s obvious there’s a lot of interest in increasing an electric vehicle’s battery life. So here are some more tips for charging that can have a direct impact on your battery’s lifetime. Using a…

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What Drains the Battery in a Car or EV? 7 Common Culprits

There are a lot of misconceptions about what drains the battery in a car the most. Vehicle owners – especially EV owners – have to think about range. What can you do to enhance the battery performance in your EV? Check out this list to see if you’re taking the right steps to keep your…

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See Wireless EV Charging in Action

FAW is a car brand you likely don’t know, despite the fact that it’s one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. In 2021; FAW delivered 3.5 million vehicles to customers. FAW is also a brand that regularly breaks new ground with emerging technologies and advanced features. They are the first car manufacturer in…

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EVs are not ICE cars. Get over it.

by Alex Gruzen, CEO, WiTricity There was a time when those of us who work on technologies for electric vehicles didn’t know if, or how big, the EV market would be. Just think of all the technologies the new generation of vehicles encompass: charging technology, battery improvements, lidar, imaging, mapping … the list seems endless….

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