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Wireless EV charging is brilliant. Simply brilliant.

by Eric Cohen To date, our passionate group of WiTricity Chargers have all been stateside, but enthusiasm for wireless charging stretches far beyond U.S. shores to Europe and beyond. Tom Reaney, a spirited Irishman who lives in the picturesque town of Claremorris on the west coast of Ireland couldn’t be more excited about wireless charging….

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WiTricity Closes New Funding Round with $63 Million Investment

Investments to accelerate productization and commercialization of wireless charging for electric vehicles and other products Watertown, MA – August 9, 2022 – Building on the global growth in electric vehicles, support from governments around the world for electrification — now including the US — and the recognized need for better EV charging solutions to expand…

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Wireless EV Charging Company WiTricity Wins Major Investments, Partnership As Cord-Free Charging Expands

Concerns of where they’ll plug in an electric vehicle to replenish its charge is a major obstacle for many consumers not ready to trade in their gas burners for battery-powered rides. It’s also an inconvenience and efficiency issue for commercial operations using battery-electric robots and transport vehicles. But WiTricity, a global developer of wireless charging technology, is now attracting millions…

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Is There a Gender Gap in Electric Vehicles?

by Amy Barzdukas A recent article in Wired highlighted the gender gap that currently exists in electric vehicles: men are more likely to buy EVs than women, but carmakers are eager to diversify their base. We went back into our consumer survey from May[1] and did some more digging to see if we could shed…

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When Opposites Attract

by Eric Cohen Jeff and Monique Smith are opposites when it comes to cars. He’s focused on costs and efficiency. She’s all about the beauty and aesthetics. Oh … did I mention Jeff is focused on costs? They both love their 2018 Tesla Model 3, but they came to it for different reasons. One thing…

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Wiferion Enters into Global License Agreement with WiTricity for Industrial Wireless Charging Applications

Wireless charging has the potential to ease the burden of the supply chain through uninterrupted operations and industrial automation     The agreement will allow Wiferion to use WiTricity’s wireless charging IP in the space of industrial applications Wireless charging increases factory uptime 32% through efficiencies gained from in-process charging that allows continual autonomous operations Wireless charging…

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Will V2G Go Mainstream?

We are experiencing a global weather crisis. Britain recently recorded its hottest day ever with temperatures hitting a high of 104.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat-related deaths have claimed more than 750 lives throughout Spain and Portugal. Fires have exploded worldwide. And triple-digit temperatures have scorched the Midwest and southern U.S for days (and weeks) on end…

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Helping to Make a Special Car More Special

by Eric Cohen For some people, a car is something really special. For others, it’s a means to get from Point A to Point B. Tina Dyer falls into the first camp. In fact, she was perfectly fine continuing to drive her Dale Earnhardt limited-edition 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (with more than 230,000 miles) because…

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WiTricity Appoints Michael Edmunds to New Global Product Operations Role

Watertown, MA. (July 14, 2022) – WiTricity, the leader for electric vehicle (EV) wireless charging announces the appointment of Michael Edmunds to the newly created post of Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Quality. This latest addition to WiTricity’s executive leadership team will help catalyze the growth of the company as EV wireless charging adoption…

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