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The Power to Overcome a Bad Economy

In a brick building in Watertown where men’s suits were once made, Eric Giler is running a company that seems to be defying the gravity of the current economic morass….

Giler Charged Up to be WiTricity CEO

Stealthy wireless power developer WiTricity Corp. in Watertown has hired Brooktrout Technology Inc. co-founder and former Groove Mobile Inc. CEO Eric Giler as chief executive, adding a business presence to the company’s heralded MIT research team….

25 Awarded MacArthur ‘Genius’ Fellowships

Physicist Marin Soljačić is among 25 recipients of the MacArthur Foundation grant, awarded to “people working on the very edge of discovery and people at the edge of a new synthesis” ..

TR10: Wireless Power

Technology Review presents 10 technologies that we think are most likely to change the way we live. Physicist Marin Soljačić is working toward a world of wireless electricity…

Wireless Energy

The M.I.T. physicist Marin Soljacic found inspiration for his latest invention in the dying batteries of his wife’s cellphone. Every morning around 2 her phone would beep loudly. “One night it occurred to me, wouldn’t it be great if this thing took care of its own charging?” he says. The question was how to transfer…

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Das Ende der Strippe (The End of the Wire)

Ein Preis von 3000 Dollar winkte dem, der es schaffen würde, »einen Luftschiffmotor mit Energie anzutreiben, die durch den Raum übertragen wird«. Der drahtlose Strom sollte 30 Meter überbrücken und eine Leistung von 75 Watt liefern….

Wireless energy promise powers up

Science and technology reporter, BBC News. A clean-cut vision of a future freed from the rat’s nest of cables needed to power today’s electronic gadgets has come one step closer to reality.

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