WiTricity and VTT Join Forces to Aid Zero-Emissions Transportation

EU-funded REFLECTIVE project incorporates WiTricity wireless charging system to enable reconfigurable autonomous vehicles (Espoo and Tampere, Finland and Watertown, Mass., January 17, 2023) – Today, WiTricity, the global leader in wireless charging for electric vehicles, and VTT, one of Europe’s leading research institutions, announced a collaboration to install WiTricity’s wireless charging technology to support the…

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Why Automotive Industry Standards Are Important

by Ky Sealy In a recent blog post, I discussed standards and why they’re important for the wireless charging of electric vehicles. In the post, I mentioned that the most relevant standards that are globally accepted are SAE J2954, IEC 61980 and ISO 19363. SAE J2954, which provides a system-wide standard for light-duty EV wireless…

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What’s it Like to Park and Charge?

John Marshall took our Ford Mach-E for a drive and wirelessly charged it at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab. In this short video, he shows what a driver experiences while parking and explains how easy it is to simply park and charge. No other effort – or extra steps – are needed. It’s that easy.

Who Decided to Install a Charger There??

by Eric Cohen 4800 miles is a long drive. Particularly when it’s a new car with new technology. But after learning that the Tesla Model Y Performance with the new 4680 structural battery pack technology would only be available to the eastern two-thirds of the US, Steve Wilkes decided to take the plunge and take…

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What’s It Like to Charge an EV Wirelessly?

By Amy Barzdukas I’ve been sharing the good news that wireless charging for electric vehicles is real, and that it is just as efficient as the plug since I joined WiTricity in 2021. It’s an easy concept to grasp since so many of us use wireless technologies where we used to have cords, cables, and…

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Why Are Standards Important for Wireless EV Charging?

By Ky Sealy How often do you think about the standards that establish safety? For instance, who determined (and why) that grid electricity will alternate at 50 or 60 times per second (Hertz) no matter where you are? Who decided how long a foot is, or what constitutes an hour of time? What Is a…

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Wireless EV Charging is the Next Step in the EV Revolution

by Eric Cohen From the cold and snow of New Jersey to the desert heat and cactus of Arizona, Len Nowak has lived a life of extremes. He spent 43 years traveling the globe supporting worldwide pharmaceutical manufacturing and is now living the carefree life of a relaxed retiree in the Arizona high desert. Carefree…

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Meet David Trabulsi, WiTricity’s SVP of Engineering

by Eric Cohen As WiTricity continues to expand to meet the excitement of – and growing demand for – wireless EV charging, I was eager to talk with our new Senior Vice President of Engineering, David Trabulsi. David brings more than 25 years of Tier 1 automotive and consumer electronics experience, with extensive global leadership…

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