DAIHEN Shipping Industrial Robotics Solutions, Powered by WiTricity’s Wireless Charging Technology

DAIHEN offers WiTricity technology for automatic guided vehicle and robotics solutions for improved factory and industrial automation systems

Watertown, Mass. – November 3, 2016 – WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced that DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in power electronics and industrial robotics, has begun commercial shipments of its wireless power transfer (WPT) system for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). The DAIHEN system, D-Broad, is powered by WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology. D-Broad is poised to streamline factory automation by enabling fast, automatic charging at multiple locations along an AGV’s route through a factory, as it transports materials and parts.

Wireless Charging Drives 24/7 Productivity

In contrast to conventional plug-in charging systems that require human operators to take AGVs out of service to re-charge, AGVs equipped with DAIHEN’s D-Broad can autonomously re-charge and work around the clock. DAIHEN will supply the system on an OEM basis to AGV and mobile robotics manufacturers, and directly to advanced manufacturing engineers for custom factory automation projects. In addition to streamlining the AGV charging process, the D-Broad system also improves system reliability and reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating trouble prone charging connectors and cables.

Wirelessly Powered Robots Ensure Seamless Material Delivery and Reduced Costs

D-Broad will also serve as the basis for DAIHEN’s own materials handling robot, called the AI Transfer Robot. DAIHEN developed the robot that can autonomously travel through a factory floor using sophisticated navigation and control systems, rather than relying on inflexible traditional underground wire guidance. WiTricity technology enabled the wireless charging over distance from a simple charging pad mounted to the front of the AI Transfer Robot – and without requiring precise alignment or docking to the charging source.  The DAIHEN AI Transfer Robot can be deployed without expensive installation of docking stations, or continuous power rails buried beneath the floor.

Factory Machinery

“To be effective in factories, AGVs need to operate as efficiently and flexibly as possible – and that means working without interruption,” said Ryohei Tanaka, General Manager/Chief Engineer, Research and Development Division, DAIHEN. “We aim to expedite factory processes and reduce running costs by delivering wireless power transfer systems that enable automatic re-charging. With its magnetic resonance technology, WiTricity uniquely enables us to create highly flexible and efficient solutions.”

“DAIHEN is leading the pack when it comes to applying revolutionary wireless power transfer to next-generation industrial power electronics and robotics solutions,” said David Schatz, WiTricity vice president of business development. “WiTricity is excited to help DAIHEN achieve its mission of better factory automation in the emerging robotics space. We are only at the beginning of many WiTricity-powered solutions that will be hitting the market in a variety of applications.”

More information about D-Broad, available now, can be found here. The DAIHEN AI Transfer Robot AGV will be commercially available in spring 2017.

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