WiTricity Announces A4WP Partner Program to Enable Widespread Deployment of Its Wireless Power Technology

New program includes reference designs, comprehensive training and access to WiTricity’s essential patents for the A4WP RezenceTM specification

Watertown, MA. – Dec. 15, 2014 WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced its Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) partner program to make it easier for companies to incorporate WiTricity’s patented wireless power technology into their products and solutions designed for the A4WP Rezence specification. The new WiTricity A4WP partner program includes reference designs, training, and the WiTricity A4WP patent portfolio license for the Rezence-based wireless charging of consumer electronics devices.

The WiTricity A4WP partner program offers essential tools that Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to create Rezence-ready solutions. Designed to enable and accelerate the adoption of Rezence, the WiTricity partner program provides access to WiTricity’s expertise and experience in wireless power transfer, including a comprehensive training program for the design and development of Rezence-ready wireless charging systems. The partner program also includes an optional library of reference designs for Rezence-ready systems, including the recently announced WiT-5000C3 reference design for wireless charging of smartphones and tablets. In addition, WiTricity partners gain access to WiTricity’s essential patents for the Rezence specification.

WiTricity now offers two go-to-market paths to accelerate time-to-market for companies looking to integrate WiTricity technology into their Rezence-certified consumer electronics product offerings:

  • WiTricity A4WP Partners: With the new WiTricity A4WP partner program, consumer electronics brands now have the option to work with an authorized WiTricity A4WP partner in creating Rezence-based consumer electronics products. WiTricity is already working with top ODMs that are eager to offer Rezence design and manufacturing services to consumer electronics brands. In addition, WiTricity has an existing agreement with Intel, a world leader in computing innovation. In June of 2014, WiTricity announced that Intel and WiTricity were working together to support Intel’s technology ecosystem to integrate Rezence-based wireless charging.
  • Direct to WiTricity: Companies with in-house design and development capabilities may come directly to WiTricity to take advantage of WiTricity’s deep expertise and experience in creating wireless power transfer systems based on their patented magnetic resonance technology, either based on standards (Rezence, SAE, ISO, IEC) or for proprietary solutions. WiTricity also offers A4WP reference designs, consulting and custom design services (including prototyping) and custom training on implementing Rezence.

“Our customers are committed to wireless power as a differentiator for their products, and as a recent WiTricity licensee, Primax can now offer these customers a clear roadmap to incorporating Rezence-based wireless power transfer,” said Lawrence Liu, corporate business development vice president at Primax. “WiTricity’s industry-leading expertise and innovative reference designs enable us to be the one-stop shop for designing and developing licensed Rezence systems, helping reduce product development cycles and accelerating our customers’ go-to-market strategies.”

“Wireless charging promises to revolutionize consumer electronics, from smartphones to tablets to laptops, and we are focused on delivering innovative products based on Rezence into the market,” said Yan Margulis, vice president of sales and marketing for Foxconn Interconnect Technology, Limited (FIT), one of the world’s leading interconnect companies. “We see wireless charging as a driving force in the next-generation of consumer electronics devices, and our partnership with WiTricity will help FIT deliver on its long-term vision for innovating with wireless power.”

As the holder of essential patents for highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, WiTricity technology is part of the backbone of the A4WP Rezence specification. Rezence enables a host of unique benefits, including simultaneous charging of multiple devices with differing power requirements, and ‘spatial freedom’ that eliminates the hassle of accurate coil alignment and adds additional reach in the z-direction, even through tabletops. Since joining the A4WP as a board member, WiTricity has helped lead the development of the Rezence specification, and continues to work with the A4WP to enrich and strengthen the technology for Rezence-based wireless charging in consumer electronics.

“Since our founding, WiTricity has worked continually to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible with wireless power transfer,” said Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity. “Our new A4WP partner program enables consumer electronics innovators to introduce Rezence-based products to the market in a timely manner and streamlines the licensing process. WiTricity is committed to the A4WP and its efforts to commercialize Rezence-based wireless charging, and to our work in revolutionizing the way consumers power up their devices.”

For additional information about becoming an authorized WiTricity partner, or about licensing WiTricity’s foundational technology for wireless power transfer over distance, please visit www.witricity.com or contact WiTricity via email at partners@witricity.com.

About WiTricity
WiTricity Corporation provides the foundational technology to enable wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance. Through deep domain expertise, a strong IP portfolio and an extensive reference design library, WiTricity works with innovative companies to incorporate WiTricity technology in their products and solutions. With a growing list of global licensees in the consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices and defense industries, the company has emerged as the leader in wireless power transfer over distance. For more information, visit www.witricity.com, or follow WiTricity on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ and YouTube.


Katie Kennedy
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