WiTricity Executives to Present on the State of Wireless Charging at Key Industry Events

Watertown, Mass. – May 24 – WiTricity, the company wirelessly charging the future of mobility, announced today that two of its experts will speak on the progress of wireless charging deployment at upcoming industry events IEEE’s 2021 Wireless Power Week (WPW) and EVTeC 2021.

David Schatz, vice president of sales & business development at WiTricity, will host a plenary session during EVTeC 2021, taking place virtually from Japan, beginning on May 24 and ending on May 26. Organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE), the leading academic society of automotive engineers in Japan, EVTeC is a conference that focuses on EVs, HEVs, FCVs, PHVs and other related technologies. Schatz’s plenary session, titled “Global Progress of Wireless Charging for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles,” will take place on May 25 at 10:10 a.m. JST.

Morris Kesler, chief technology officer at WiTricity, will be a keynote speaker during WPW, taking place in San Diego from June 1 to June 4. WPW is the world’s largest event for research and discussions focused on wireless power technology. The week will feature two key wireless power conferences: the IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC) and the IEEE Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (WoW). Scheduled for June 3 at 9:30 a.m. PDT during WoW, Kesler’s keynote will focus on the growing desire for wireless charging to be widely available in EVs.

For more information about Schatz’s session, please visit the EVTeC program. For more about Kesler’s keynote, please visit the WoW keynote speaker page.


About WiTricity

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