WiTricity Named Clean Tech Winner, Tech Top 50

Watertown, MA. – October 24, 2022 – Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC), the Massachusetts-area leading technology association, recognized WiTricity for innovation and technology and named WiTricity as the winner of the Clean Tech category for the 2022 Tech Top 50 award. The Tech Top 50 recognizes the region’s tech companies, leaders, and technologies that have made a significant impact during the past year. WiTricity is the only electric vehicle technology of any kind to be honored this year.

“We are honored to be recognized as the region’s Clean Tech innovator by the esteemed tech community in Massachusetts and to be among so many incredible honorees,” said Morris Kesler, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of WiTricity. “I am truly proud of our more than 85 employees who work to accelerate EV adoption and bring wireless charging technology to life every day.”

Eliminating the hassle of plugging in, the company’s wireless charging technology makes owning an EV simple and easy, just requiring a driver or autonomous vehicle to drive over a charging pad, park and charge. WiTricity leaders worked with automakers worldwide over a decade to create wireless charging standards for the industry to increase the adoption of EVs. Last year, WiTricity was named a Business of the Year by the Electric Vehicle Association and recognized for Making Strides in Mobility in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards.

WiTricity is one of 49 companies designated as MassTLC’s Top Tech 50 in 2022. The honorees are chosen in 11 categories: Business Accomplishment, Environmental Impact, Leadership, Mosaic (for DEI leadership), Social Responsibility Impact, and the Technology of the Year categories: Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Tech, Consumer Tech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare Tech, and Robotics.

Access the full list of the winners of the MassTLC Top Tech 50: www.masstlc.org/masstlc-announces-the-2022-tech-top-50-honorees.

For more information about WiTricity, visit www.WiTricity.com.


About WiTricity

WiTricity is the trailblazer in wireless charging for electric vehicles, leading the development and implementation of magnetic resonance technology across passenger and commercial vehicles alike. The company’s technology is backed by an extensive patent portfolio and is the foundation for ratified global EV wireless charging standards including SAE, ISO and GB. Automakers and Tier 1 suppliers turn to WiTricity to help accelerate the adoption of EVs by eliminating the hassle of plug-in charging, enabling always-available wireless V2G, and setting the stage for future autonomy. Beyond EVs, WiTricity technology is essential to the wireless charging of all products, from consumer electronics to micro-mobility to robotics.


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Kaitlin Jarvis

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