WiTricity Showcases the Future of Wireless Power at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Watertown, Mass. – December 6, 2016 WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced it will be hosting a suite at the Venetian Hotel during the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Executives from the company will be on-hand to demonstrate the latest advancements in wireless charging for consumer applications, electric vehicles, medical and industrial applications.

2016 was a year of strong momentum for WiTricity with large strides made in the effort to commercialize wireless power transfer via magnetic resonance. This CES, the company will be unveiling key partnerships and products that underscore its leading role in building the wireless power ecosystem of the future. As a board member of the AirFuel Alliance, WiTricity will also be releasing an industry data report focused on consumer adoption of wireless power, and collaborating with major consumer brands who will be launching their first wirelessly-powered devices at the show.

At this year’s CES, WiTricity will showcase the following four brand experiences:

  • LIVE: Consumers live busy connected lives where there is no room left for wires. WiTricity is working with partners across the laptop, smartphone and wearables industry, as well as leading hospitality and furniture companies, to bring this wire-free experience to life. On-site, WiTricity will demonstrate the wireless workplace, showing visitors what a day in the office looks like without plugging in — highlighting the technology behind products being launched at the show – and will also be making an announcement with a key infrastructure player.
  • DRIVE: The future of electric vehicles relies on flexible, efficient charging and WiTricity is working with major automakers and Tier 1 suppliers to bring interoperable wireless electric vehicle power to the masses. High power transfer and TMN™ technology enables electric vehicles to charge up where and when they need it — including through snow, ice and cement.
  • THRIVE: Wireless power is having profound impact in the implantable medical device space, allowing consumers to charge internal devices through their skin — removing the need for an invasive plug. WiTricity will demonstrate how this technology works and spotlight partners and customers who are bringing this solution to market.


  • AUTOMATE: Robots will fill the floor at CES this year, and they need to be powered by something that does not require a human to plug them in. WiTricity will showcase its solutions for Industry 4.0 applications, including what is needed to power everything from an autonomous guided vehicle to a self-driving lawnmower, without human intervention – enabling 24/7 robot-staffed factories.

WiTricity will be hosting two hospitality suites at the Venetian Hotel. For more information, or to book a meeting on-site, please send an email to witricity@v2comms.com.

About WiTricity

WiTricity Corporation provides technology to enable wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance. Through deep domain expertise, semiconductor offerings, a strong IP portfolio and an extensive reference design library, WiTricity works with innovative companies to incorporate WiTricity technology in their products and solutions. With a growing list of global customers in the consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices and industrial markets, the company has emerged as the leader in wireless power transfer over distance. For more information, visit www.witricity.com, or follow WiTricity on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.


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