WiTricity, the Global Leader in Wireless Charging for EVs, Sets Its Sights on Detroit

Company will showcase WiTricity Halo™ wireless chargers

  • Three and half years after the last NAIAS, WiTricity will demonstrate the open, interoperable standards since ratified by SAE for wireless charging
  • Participation in the Auto Show will coincide with WiTricity’s wireless charging technology installation at the Detroit Smart Parking Laboratory

(Watertown, MA – June 28, 2022) –WiTricity, the global leader in wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs), today announced that it will exhibit at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in September 2022, marking the first time that WiTricity will have a full display. The company is set to showcase its industry-leading wireless charging technology for EVs featuring an upgraded Ford Mach-E.

“A lot has happened in the last three and half years,” said Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity. “The SAE standard for wireless charging built around our technology has been ratified, and wireless charging for EVs is production ready. In fact, OEMs in Asia are already installing it at the factory in new vehicles, and our research indicates that consumers overwhelmingly support wireless charging.”

WiTricity spent nearly a decade inventing the core technology and building a portfolio of foundational patents, in addition to developing global standards for wireless charging with SAE, ISO, and GB. WiTricity’s engineers engaged with virtually every automotive OEM to understand the industry’s concerns and needs in order to build an open ecosystem that will allow any automotive player to benefit from a move to wireless.

“Just like with laptop PCs going wireless twenty years ago, we are focused on building the standards, getting the initial deployments, and scaling the possibilities,” said Gruzen. “Our strategy all along has been about building the foundation for the EV industry and delivering a better ownership experience.”

The company’s display at NAIAS will coincide with its planned installment at the Detroit Smart Parking Laboratory, a parking structure operated by the American Center for Mobility for real-world testing of parking-related mobility technologies, logistics and electric vehicle charging. A working WiTricity Halo™ prototype will demonstrate the company’s wireless charging capabilities with two EVs, a Ford Mach-E and a Tesla Model 3.

For more information on WiTricity’s wireless charging technologies, visit www.WiTricity.com


About WiTricity

WiTricity is the trailblazer in wireless charging for electric vehicles, leading the development and implementation of magnetic resonance technology across passenger and commercial vehicles alike. The company’s technology is backed by an extensive patent portfolio and is the foundation for ratified global EV wireless charging standards including SAE, ISO and GB. Automakers and Tier 1 suppliers turn to WiTricity to help accelerate the adoption of EVs by eliminating the hassle of plug-in charging, setting the stage for future autonomy.