WiTricity’s Sanjay Gupta Addresses Industry Leaders at AirFuel™ Alliance Magnetic Resonance Charging Technology Conference in Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Watertown, Mass. – On Monday, September 19, 2016, WiTricity vice president Sanjay Gupta represented the AirFuel Alliance at the historic signing of the organization’s agreement with TAICS (the Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards) to establish a wireless charging ecosystem in Taiwan based on AirFuel’s resonant technology standard.  The signing took place at the AirFuel™ Alliance Magnetic Resonance Charging Technology Conference in Taoyuan City where Gupta,  as a representative of the AirFuel Alliance Board of Directors, presented on the role of resonant technology, the future of the industry and the significance of Taiwan’s commitment to magnetic resonance.

WHO:  Sanjay Gupta, vice president, WiTricity (the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance).  Other speakers included TAICS chairman Jonathan Tsang.

WHAT:  All-Day Event hosted by AirFuel (the world’s leading wireless power technology standards organization), Qualcomm, HTC, NewVastek, InforCharge and the Taoyun City Government.  The conference included:

  • the launch of AirFuel resonant public charging spots throughout Taoyuan City
  • new AirFuel wireless charging solutions and applications such as the first global certification program to raise the bar on higher power ranges and the world’s first system to wirelessly charge notebook computers, powered by AirFuel and WiTricity.

WHEN:  Monday, September 19, 2016 at 1:30pm (Taiwan)

WHERE:  HTC Taoyuan City, Taiwan

WHY:  Having Taiwan, a place that is critical to the lifecycle of consumer products today, take such a decisive step in adopting the AirFuel resonant standard as the future of wireless charging is exciting for the industry and for the legitimacy and viability of resonant technology.  As a leader within the AirFuel Alliance, WiTricity’s wireless power technology makes it easier for companies to make products and design solutions that adhere to the AirFuel standard. And, as magnetic resonance continues to demonstrate its ability to deliver an optimal charging experience for consumers, it is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for OEM and ODM partners.

Media Note:  Underscoring the momentum of magnetic resonance in the region, jjPlus Corp. in Taiwan, a WiTricity licensee, also debuted a new under-the-table wireless charging transmitter system on September 19. The system charges smartphones or tablets through a table surface up to 5 cm thick, a perfect solution for building a ubiquitous wireless charging infrastructure.  It is expected to start volume production in October 2016.

For more information on WiTricity and AirFuel Alliance, please visit www.witricity.com and www.airfuel.org.


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Katie Kennedy