The Power of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is more than just entertainment – it is also a psychological resource that helps people cope. In times of intense change, nostalgia can provide a welcome respite. So given all the change and challenge the world is facing right now, it’s no surprise that nostalgia is making a comeback. But should we be nostalgic…

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From Hands Off to Eyes Off to Mind Off

If you haven’t ridden in an autonomous vehicle yet, I hope you’ll take Mario Herger’s suggestion and try one now! The reasons why become abundantly clear as he discusses the state of autonomous vehicles in WiTricity’s recent webinar. We’re certainly in a fast-moving transition. As Herger described – from taking your hands off the wheel…

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Ensuring Interoperability for Wireless EV Charging

By Morris Kesler, CTO, WiTricity We are thrilled today to be part of the CharIN Taskforce working with Siemens, Mahle, and others to fill in the gaps in the current standards for wireless EV charging. WiTricity has been working for over a decade with the SAE, GB, IEC, and ISO groups to create the standards…

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Technology in EVs IS the Luxury Element Consumers Demand

In a recent WiTricity survey of EV owners, we asked them if they considered their EVs to be “luxury cars.” We were surprised by the number of owners who said “no.” Even owners of Tesla Model S and Polestar vehicles did not consider their cars, which cost significantly more than the average new car in…

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EV Charging: Don’t Get Stuck in the Speed Trap

By Amy Barzdukas, CMO, WiTricity The shift from traditional gas- and diesel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is here – and it’s a huge shift in many ways. In fact, the last time we felt a vehicle transition shift of this magnitude, was the change from horse and buggy to the horseless carriage. And, just like…

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Robert Lee is SMART

Robert Lee of Chester, Virginia has always liked the SMART car. Particularly the electric version. He started with a SmartForTwo gas vehicle in 2015 and then, three years later, he had an opportunity to upgrade to an electric vehicle (SmartForTwo EV). He liked that car and kept it for 18 months before giving the Chevy…

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WiTricity Halo charger with EV in elegant garage.

What do luxury car owners want in an electric vehicle?

by Amy Barzdukas WiTricity has commissioned a number of research reports to see if consumers want wireless charging for their electric cars and if they are willing to pay for it – and the overwhelming consensus has been “yes” and “yes.” Virtually everyone (96%) wants wireless EV charging, and they deem it a feature that…

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10 Tips for EV Etiquette

By Craig Cole, Senior Editor EV Pulse Do you know how to be a good electric vehicle owner? Electric vehicles are different, and a lot of drivers don’t have experience with them, so they don’t know the best ways to use their battery-powered cars and trucks. To help you avoid any faux pas, here are…

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Will EVs Destroy the Power Grid?

By Guest Blogger, Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse Will electric vehicles destroy our power grid – that immense system that generates and delivers electricity to your home and workplace? We hear it all the time from the naysayers … “electric vehicles are a scam and they’re going to destroy our power grid.” But is…

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