DCGC Arms Race

Time to End DCFC Arms Race

How many windfarms would it take to support fast charging for electric vehicles? Read the headlines and it’s easy to see that the world is going electric. As more and more automobile manufacturers commit to electrification, people are starting to worry about the impact of all those EVs on the grid. So we did a…

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You asked about our Tesla – we answer!

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas In December, our Tesla Model 3 went wireless. We posted some videos just prior to the holidays showing how our upgraded Tesla charges wirelessly — no plugs, no hassles. In addition to generating a lot of buzz, our Tesla generated a lot of questions. So, here’s the rundown: •Speed –…

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Blog: 3 Predictions for Electric Vehicles in 2022

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas Six months into my tenure here at WiTricity, I’m really starting to get my arms around what’s happening in this industry. It’s no understatement to say that 2021 has been a year of explosive growth in electric vehicles – new entrants in the market, like Lucid, are winning major automotive…

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Blog: Just Like Charging a Smartphone. But Better.

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager What makes a new car model exciting to consumers? In the case of the new Hyundai GV60, it’s wireless charging! Motorgraph recently asked its readers what impressed them most about the new Hyundai Genesis GV60. More than 10,000 people responded to the question and I’m thrilled that, immediately behind the…

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Blog: Virtual Reality for Wireless Charging

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager Virtual reality is making its way into everyday life, providing life-like experiences through computer simulation. Computer simulation is also essential for developing safe and effective wireless charging systems for everyday life. At WiTricity, our 15 years of scientific research and engineering development have proven that wireless charging is more than…

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From Land to Sea to Air, DAIHEN is Proving Wireless Charging

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager The world has never witnessed change as explosive as it did in the 100 years between 1919 and 2019. From 1.8 billion people in 1919 to 7.7 billion in 2019, global growth has been extraordinary. During this time, DAIHEN’s focus on technology and innovation has fueled transformation in transportation, manufacturing,…

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Seoul Seeking

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager The Seoul Motor Show is an eye-opener. Not only because of all the new models becoming available but also because of all the new technologies. The one getting the most attention? Wireless charging! During the 11-day event, more than 620,000 people will have the opportunity to view 270 different vehicles,…

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Blog: I Like It. You Will Too.

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas Ever have a great restaurant experience and raved about it to your friends and on every social media platform? Or, had a great experience ordering something online, and couldn’t wait to tell your friends so they could also experience the same? Maybe it’s because of all the angst and anxiety…

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Blog: Better Charging Options Are Here for EVs

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas Charging is one of the biggest reasons more people aren’t quickly moving from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. Sure, you hear about EVs in the news every day. And, based on what you’re hearing, (or seeing, depending on where you live) you’d think every car new car is an…

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Blog: How Should We Charge EVs?

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas Not all that long ago, our vehicles were fueled by hay and oats. When cars came along, the transition created anxiety. (People worried, for example, that drivers would now have to pay TOO much attention, and things wouldn’t be safe without the horses helping to keep the wheels on the…

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