First it was about the money. Now it’s about safety.

by Eric Cohen Tony De Stefani spends his days with his head down looking at spreadsheets, talking with analysts, and ensuring his clients achieve their long-term goals. Not an easy job in today’s market for a financial advisor. And, with his mind wrapped around numbers, it was critical he find the right “next car” –…

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Can Superman Even Find a Phone Booth?

by Eric Cohen Just last month, the last public pay phone was removed from the streets of midtown Manhattan. It’s the final chapter in a saga that’s been unfolding since 2015 as New York City, and other cities around the world, began to get rid of the last vestige of a bygone era. (In 2018,…

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I Want Wireless Charging Now

by Eric Cohen A few months ago, we announced our WiTricity Halo™ upgrade program – and we’ve gotten a LOT of feedback from EV owners who want it now. We’re excited by the enthusiasm we’ve generated and love learning why wireless charging is so important to EV owners. Here’s one recent EV convert’s story. From…

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Wireless Charging: Providing Accessibility AND Freedom

A few weeks ago we did a blog post where we interviewed D’Arcee Neal, a disabilities advocate who shared some of his frustrations about dealing with electric vehicle chargers. “Frustrating. Maddening. Disappointing. And painful.” But as you know, seeing is believing. Here is a video of what D’Arcee deals with in the day-to-day charging of…

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Smart mobility can fuel smart cities

Electric bikes and electric scooters pave the way for a cleaner future Today’s cities are straining under the weight of needed infrastructure improvements, traffic jams, increased air pollution, and more. Add tight budgets, over-taxed citizens, and competing priorities, it’s no wonder today’s futurists are striving for a cleaner and more efficient tomorrow. Smart Cities –…

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Charging Needs to be Accessible. For Everyone.

by Eric Cohen Most people driving EVs approach charging stations and never think about much more than how long it’s going to take to charge their vehicle. Imagine, however, living your life in a wheelchair, wanting to charge your EV, and encountering a picture like this one: How exactly would you get to the charger?…

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Electric Ships Need Wireless Charging

by Eric Cohen With all the recent articles, podcasts, and social media posts about wireless charging for electric vehicles, it’s exciting to see wireless charging used in other applications. As we discussed in a recent blog post about how wireless charging is being used to fuel industrial applications, wireless is proving to be the charging…

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