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Wireless EV Charging Company WiTricity Wins Major Investments, Partnership As Cord-Free Charging Expands

Concerns of where they’ll plug in an electric vehicle to replenish its charge is a major obstacle for many consumers not ready to trade in their gas burners for battery-powered rides. It’s also an inconvenience and efficiency issue for commercial operations using battery-electric robots and transport vehicles. But WiTricity, a global developer of wireless charging technology, is now attracting millions…

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Wiferion Enters into Global License Agreement with WiTricity for Industrial Wireless Charging Applications

Wireless charging has the potential to ease the burden of the supply chain through uninterrupted operations and industrial automation     The agreement will allow Wiferion to use WiTricity’s wireless charging IP in the space of industrial applications Wireless charging increases factory uptime 32% through efficiencies gained from in-process charging that allows continual autonomous operations Wireless charging…

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How Will Disabled Drivers Access EV Chargers?

A recent article in Automotive News Shift Report focused on making chargers accessible for disabled drivers. “The federal government will spend billions of dollars building a network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers. Will drivers with disabilities be capable of accessing them? That’s a question with few firm answers. As a push for infrastructure that supports…

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Analyzing the safety of wireless electric vehicle charging

WiTricity’s Senior Principal Engineer, Ky Sealy, answers the pressing questions surrounding the safety of wireless charging for electric vehicles.  As electric vehicles (EVs) become more commonplace and car manufacturers focus on expanding their portfolio to include EVs, consumers are becoming more concerned with fuel for such vehicles. Whilst most people are aware of the hazards…

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On the road to wireless charging

Alex Gruzen, CEO of wireless charging company WiTricity, has seen [wireless] evolution take place across multiple industries during his career in consumer electronics, from laptops to Wi-Fi technology. The idea of wireless always begins as an expensive, optional feature, until it suddenly becomes universal. “I see us going through the exact same trend here,” Gruzen…

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Power Players: Meet 14 Entrepreneurs Raking in Capital to Go After $207.5 Billion Electric Car Charging Business

The innovators behind electric-car-charging companies EVgo, ChargePoint, Electrify America, Volta, and Blink — some of the largest infrastructure and service providers in the market — claim much of the spotlight. But more entrepreneurs and startups are popping up in the small but growing field, looking to gain traction in various parts of the charging business — an industry that could hit $207.5 billion by 2030,…

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Wireless charging can accelerate EV adoption

With 11 million registered electric vehicles (EVs) on the world’s roads today and the number expected to climb to 145 million by 2030, the EV market is growing exponentially. A key player in this industry is WiTricity, the pioneer in wireless charging. It was founded in 2017. Qualcomm’s Halo team – now part of WiTricity…

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Wireless Charging: From Tesla To MIT & WiTricity

For many people, the notion of ‘range anxiety’ is due to the car not having enough battery to get you where you want to go. But the problem is not necessarily that there isn’t enough charge in your battery, it’s more that you can’t charge your car in time or you have to stop on…

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Wireless Charging of EVs Wanted by Consumers

A new research study conducted by TideWatch Partners, an independent market research firm, finds that wireless charging significantly increases the likelihood of a consumer purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) in the U.S. For those already intending to purchase an EV, their likelihood to purchase increased 40% – from 60% to 84% – when presented with…

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