Is this the end of wires at last? Intel partners with WiTricity

Intel announced an agreement today with WiTricity that could one day lead to the end of chargers and power adapters. WiTricity is a company that develops near-field resonant technology that allows simultaneous charging of multiple devices with differing power requirements. In other words they develop products that can charge your phone, tablet, laptop or other devices wirelessly.

Intel Goes Wireless With Resonant Power

Intel has announced a technology licensing agreement with wireless charging company WiTricity, further driving adoption of magnetic resonance technology. While consumer acceptance of wireless charging currently suffers because of a lack of standardization, Intel may provide the big-name appeal to push loosely coupled coil charging.

Intel’s cable-free future will use WiTricity’s advanced wireless charging

The wireless charging space recently expanded with the introduction of A4WP’s Rezence brand, followed by the participation of PC giants, Lenovo and Dell. Now, things are about to get even more interesting as WiTricity and Intel — both being A4WP board members — today announced their technology licensing deal.

Intel and WiTricity working together on wireless charging tech

Hoping to rid the world of power cords, WiTricity announced a new technology licensing agreement with Intel on Tuesday. Both the wireless charging company and the chip-maker are board members of the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) which has adopted WiTricity’s Rezence magnetic resonance charging technology.

Electricity: Cutting the cords

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Companies Developing Wireless Battery System for Soldiers

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How WiTricity’s wireless power system will change everything

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