A New Push to Solve Wireless Charging

Device-makers align around a wireless charging technology that works through tables to charge multiple devices—and it’s expected in products later this year.

Toyota Begins Testing Wireless Charging System

Toyota will begin verification testing of its newly developed wireless charging system in late February. Toyota developed the system in cooperation with WiTricity, an MIT spin-off that the automaker has been cooperating with for several years. Toyota Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso announced in August that the next-generation Prius Plug-in Hybrid would include a wireless charging…

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5 things you might not know about Davos

WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, details some of the things he learned while attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland as a representative for WiTricity, which was honored as one of the 2014 WEF Technology Pioneers.

Wireless Power: There’s a New Way to Do It. Or Is It New?

Bryon Moyer of the Electronic Engineering Journal interviewed WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, to talk about the invention of highly resonant wireless power transfer, the founding of WiTricity, the state of wireless power and how wireless power will transform our world. In addition, Bryon covers the differences between induction and resonance, and how resonance will deliver…

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Video: Wirelessly charging your iPhone 5s over a distance is nearly here

SUMMARY:Instead of induction, WiTricity uses resonance to recharge devices wirelessly over several inches or even though objects. The company demonstrated this, along with a magnetic resonance repeater, and announced a wireless charger for iPhone 5 and 5s devices. SEE THE INCLUDED VIDEO

Alleviating the battlefield battery burden with wireless power

Wireless power, a new technology already poised to change the way we recharge everything from smart phones to electric vehicles, has the unique potential to transform war fighting of the future and alleviate the battlefield battery burden for both soldiers and manned and unmanned vehicles on land, in the air, and undersea. The U.S. military…

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Truly Wireless

WiTricity’s technology can make devices more convenient and safe to use by eliminating the need for drive lines or surgical replacement of primary batteries. Other types of implantable pumps and therapies that require substantial power to operate, measured in watts or tens of watts to operate, can become practical – as they will no longer…

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Wireless Power For Medical Devices

Cardiac implants that take advantage of the technology are already in development. Which medical devices could be next?   Once a dream of science fiction writers, wireless electricity is now a reality. Technology today allows for devices to be wirelessly powered and recharged over distance and through materials such as plastic, fabric, and even human…

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From Orthopedics to Power Transfer—A Bright Future for Implants

As traditional medical devices evolve to wireless implants, the challenge of how to charge the devices is taking center stage. One option would be to remove the pacemaker, heart assist pump, or other implant and replace the battery. Obviously this isn’t ideal because it requires an additional procedure. WiTricity is a wireless power transfer technology…

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WiTricity Joins Power Matters Alliance

Pioneer of Wireless Power Transfer over Distance to Vice-Chair Resonance Working Group WATERTOWN, Mass. — WiTricity, the industry pioneer in highly resonant wireless power transfer over distance, announced today that it has joined the Power Matters Alliance. WiTricity, the exclusive licensee of MIT’s patents for wireless energy transfer, will help define a highly resonant implementation for the…

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