Automatic Recharging, From a Distance

THINK how convenient it would be if you could recharge electronic devices without ever having to plug them in — or even take them out of your briefcase. Instead, you could leave your briefcase, tote bag or backpack on a counter in the living room at home, and the smartphones and tablets within could see…

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Audi announces collaboration with WiTricity

Audi is working on wireless charging technology using WiTricity technology…This technology would allow the driver to simply pull into their garage or driveway and charging would automatically start. The system uses two WiTricity coils with one in the parking lot (or driveway/garage) and another integrated into the car’s charging system. Power would be transferred between…

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‘Tetherless’ Power-Transmission Technology Could Radically Change LVAD Therapy

Engineers have been trying to create a completely implantable ventricular assist device (VAD) that has no cords or vents transecting the skin since the earliest days of VAD and artificial-heart development. Now that vision appears more realistic than ever before because of the new generation of wireless power-transfer technologies.

General Electric awards WiTricity in its latest “ecomagination” challenge

General Electric Co., the world’s largest maker of power-generation equipment, awarded $63 million to 10 companies developing solar, renewable energy, and cleantech technologies. WiTricity was selected as one of the winners of the GE ecomagination challenge for the energy savings achieved through wireless energy transfer.

8 Things You Should Have Seen at CTIA 2011

“Because the magnetic fields can pass electricity safely through humans, objects and concrete walls, someday we might have parking spots that can charge electric cars and desks and couches capable of juicing up your iPhone, iPad and laptop while all three items sit unplugged in your briefcase.“

Power Unwired

“Soljačić managed something that no one else had done before. He figured out how to separate the coils in a transformer to a distance greater than their size and have it continue to work, says Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity“

Power from thin air

Wireless technology: It is already possible to send electricity without wires. Can devices be powered using ambient radiation from existing broadcasts? ANYONE whose mobile phone has ever run out of juice—which means, these days, more than half the world’s population—will like the idea of getting electrical power out of the air.

The Next Little Thing: Wireless Electricity

Marin Soljačić couldn’t sleep. The problem was his wife’s Nokia cell phone. The tyrannical device beeped on the bedside table when it needed to be plugged in. It could not be disabled. Instead of taking a hammer to the phone, Soljačić marveled at the fact that this device, and billions of others like it, was…

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