The Countdown To Wireless Power

Rob Enderle of Tech Guru Daily sits down with WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen to discuss the future of wireless charging.

WiTricity Featured on 7 News Australia

Djuro Sen, technology reporter for 7 News Australia, talks about wireless power and features Morris Kesler and Sanjay Gupta from WiTricity.

WiTricity Shows Off Fast, Easy Wireless Charging

At the WiTricity suite at CES 2016 yesterday (Jan. 7), we saw the future of charging phones and laptops, and it makes serpentine nests of wires and cables obsolete. Unlike most wireless-charging technologies, WiTricity sends power to devices at the same rate as a hard-wired connection. We saw a prototype of a Dell notebook which…

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Why Wireless Power Is the Most Exciting Thing at CES 2016

What I’m looking for at CES are technologies that will change how I experience or interact with the world in a unique way. Flawless consumer virtual reality, for example. Or interactive eye tracking. Or anything else that generates that magical “wow, I live in the future” feeling. This year, it’s wireless power, and let me tell…

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Hands-on with WiTricity’s wireless charging for laptops

Forget the hype over universal USB-C charging. This year the new hot topic might finally be wireless charging of your laptop.  That’s what I’m thinking after seeing demos of laptops being charged using WiTricity’s wireless charging technology.

A Who’s Who of MIT Companies Presenting at CES

The promise of wireless power seems like it would involve magic. In reality, it requires magnetic fields, which is exactly what WiTricity has harnessed to let different companies power their creations – from medical devices to cars – without wires.

10 Boston-Area Cos. to Watch at the 2016 CES

WiTricity is a Watertown-based startup that develops wireless power transfer solutions for a number of applications, including consumer, automotive, medical, and military. The startup plans to demonstrate its high-power and fast wireless charging technologies, along with automotive in-vehicle charging and wireless charging for wearables, at CES this week.

Wireless Charging Visits the Hospital

Wireless charging is making its way into hospitals with the goal of eliminating power issues in everything from surgical tools to defibrillators. Medical device and component manufacturer Greatbatch has partnered with wireless charging company WiTricity to create high-performance wireless charging systems for medical devices.

Zapping Design Challenges with Wireless Charging

There are many “constants” with regard to medical device technology that create design challenges for engineers developing a product. One of these is the need to sterilize many types of non-disposable devices. Another is the need to power any type of product that uses electronics. Still another challenge involves protecting those sensitive electronics against the…

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