Blog: Go slow to go fast

By WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas When we talk about our wireless EV charging to current EV owners, one of the comments we always hear is “sounds like it won’t be as fast as the plug.” Truth is, it IS every bit as fast as the comparable plug. So there’s no need to worry that wireless…

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Blog: A Wireless Charging Myth Busted in the Real World

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager In August, WiTricity CMO, Amy Barzdukas, wrote a blog post, “Myths About Wireless Charging.” It drew a lot of attention because, like many new technologies, there are many myths surrounding wireless charging for electric vehicles – is it real, is it efficient, and does it work? The answer to all…

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Blog: Behind the Curtain at WiTricity

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager Meet Steve Ganem, WiTricity’s VP of Engineering. Steve leads the electric vehicle wireless charging product development team at WiTricity, and is also responsible for the customer applications team, which spans support, professional services, and training. If you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes at WiTricity, he’s the…

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WiTricity’s Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles to Debut in South Korea

Hyundai’s New Genesis GV60 Will Feature Wireless Charging Watertown, Mass. – October 4, 2021 – WiTricity, the pioneer in wireless charging, today announced that its patented technology is seeing its first availability as factory-installed equipment in a fully electric vehicle (BEV). Hyundai unveiled the Genesis GV60 in a series of videos and announcements featuring wireless…

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Blog: Protecting IP while Protecting our Planet

By Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager When you work in tech, you hear a lot about patents and intellectual property (IP) as being important. But, when you work in emerging technology, patents and IP can become the life blood of a company. I spent some time with Scott Witonsky, WiTricity’s Vice President of IP & Licensing,…

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WiTricity Joins the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) as a Core Member

Watertown, Mass. – Sept. 30, 2021 – WiTricity announced today that it has joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) as a core member. WiTricity is the pioneer in wireless charging technologies for electric vehicles (EVs), and has long been committed to the development of common standards and interoperability of EV wireless charging and will continue those efforts as a CharIN member.  CharIN is a…

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A Look Into the Future with Alex Gruzen

WiTricity CEO, Alex Gruzen, was recently interviewed by Jeff Osborne, as part of Cowen’s 14th Annual Global Transportation & Sustainability Mobility Conference. Click here to watch the video or read the following partial transcript of his insightful interview. Alex: I’ve participated in Cowen conferences over the years, and it’s been an opportunity to say what…

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Stephen Tsao Rejoins WiTricity as Managing Director for Asia

Watertown, Mass. – September 27, 2021 – WiTricity, the company wirelessly charging the future of mobility, has hired Stephen Tsao as managing director for Asia, based in Hong Kong. Tsao was previously the company’s managing director for Greater China from 2015-2019. He rejoins WiTricity to lead a team that will expand WiTricity’s relationships with automakers…

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WiTricity Study Finds Last-Mile EV Fleets Could Save up to 50% in Total Cost of Ownership by Adopting Wireless Charging

Wireless charging frees EV fleets from forced downtime due to the plug Watertown, Mass. – September 22, 2021 – WiTricity, the company wirelessly charging the future of mobility, today released results of a study that evaluated the relative total cost of ownership (TCO) of adopting and running an electric vehicle (EV) fleet for last-mile parcel…

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Last-Mile TCO Whitepaper

In a recent study, WiTricity found that last-mile fleets can save up to 50% in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by adopting wireless charging. Discover how wireless charging introduces greater flexibility, while reducing utility demand, energy backup generation costs, labor costs, and maintenance.

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