Has This Happened to You?

It’s a hot day, the kids will be home from camp soon, and you need to get the groceries put away before they begin running through the house. You hop out of the car, grab multiple grocery bags from the trunk and … forget to plug in your EV! Check out how WiTricity’s video reenactment…

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Webinar title for Package Protect

Webinar: How to package protect for wireless charging

With electric vehicles changing the automotive landscape, manufacturers are looking for opportunities to create a competitive advantage. Wireless charging – a feature that consumers are very interested in – could be one such differentiation. But if you want to be able to move quickly, you need to know how to package protect. In this 30-minute…

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Genesis GV60 approaching wireless charging pad

Wireless Charging in Real Life

In South Korea, consumers are renting Hyundai Genesis GV60’s and GV70’s with wireless charging from Lotte. DK Kim from CarSceneKorea took a spin behind the wheel and experienced the simplicity of wireless EV charging. Watch the video and see why he can’t wait for other cars to charge wirelessly. 

How Easy Could it Be to Charge Your EV?

VERY! As this video shows, it could simply be a matter of parking! No need to get out of your car, deal with cable and plug, and then unplug when finished. Ditch the hassle of the plug. Ask your EV manufacturer when they’re going to add wireless charging from WiTricity.

Alex Gruzen, CEO, explaining wireless EV charging in a myth-0busting webinar

Top 5 Myths of Wireless EV Charging

“When it comes to myths about wireless EV charging, we’ve heard it all — from “it’s not efficient enough” to “how can it be safe?” to “it’d be too hard to park in the right spot” and more. In this fast-paced webinar, WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen tackled the top 5 myths of wireless charging and…

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Autonomous YuTong charges wirelessly

Autonomous Buses Fueled by Wireless Charging

Watch wireless charging power autonomous e-buses! In a first-ever commercial application of wireless charging for an autonomous electric e-bus, WiTricity Halo™ chargers are fueling YuTong Bus, the number one bus brand in China. WiTricity Halo™ chargers simplify the charging experience by removing the need to plug in. This is particularly significant in transit applications, where…

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What’s it Like to Park and Charge?

John Marshall took our Ford Mach-E for a drive and wirelessly charged it at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab. In this short video, he shows what a driver experiences while parking and explains how easy it is to simply park and charge. No other effort – or extra steps – are needed. It’s that easy.

Wireless Charging Improves the V2G Experience

EVs can do more than just save you money on gas. As we shift more power generation to renewable sources like wind and solar, your EV and its large battery can help move energy to the grid to balance supply and demand. WiTricity’s wireless EV charging is proven to support V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) which means the…

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Wireless Charging in Action

In 2017, the Halo Division of Qualcomm – now part of WiTricity – demonstrated dynamic charging on a track outside Versailles. The track was operational for two years and proved the legitimacy of dynamic charging and the benefits it could bring. What’s more, this historic track would interoperate with and charge EVs today if outfitted…

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