Wireless Charging Improves the V2G Experience

EVs can do more than just save you money on gas. As we shift more power generation to renewable sources like wind and solar, your EV and its large battery can help move energy to the grid to balance supply and demand. WiTricity’s wireless charging is V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) ready to improve the experience. More reliable…

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Wireless Charging in Action

In 2017, the Halo Division of Qualcomm – now part of WiTricity – demonstrated dynamic charging on a track outside Versailles. The track was operational for two years and proved the legitimacy of dynamic charging and the benefits it could bring. What’s more, this historic track would interoperate with and charge EVs today if outfitted…

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Is an EV Really Autonomous if it Can’t Charge Itself?

Today’s EVs can do about anything – park themselves, tow a trailer, or come when they’re called. But there’s one thing they can’t do: Charge themselves. Is it really autonomous if you have to plug it in? With wireless charging from WiTricity, all you have to do is park and charge.

Cut the Cord

For centuries vehicles ran on hay. Then, it was gas stations and all that came with that. With EVs, we’ve replaced gas with electrons but are still using pumps. Why? It’s time to cut the cord. It’s time to go wireless.  

Stop Juggling. Simply park and charge.

You drive home and realize all the juggling you need to do … baby stuff, work stuff, groceries, text messages, and last but not least … plugging in your EV. If you remember. With WiTricity, simply park and charge.  

This Hyundai Genesis is Charging Wirelessly!

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps this Hyundai Genesis from charging…wirelessly! The dashboard screen helps guide the driver over the charging pad and, without exiting the vehicle and having to plug into a charger, the car begins charging.

This Tesla Charges Wirelessly!

See why heads were turning as WiTricity’s Tesla Model 3 drove through the streets of Watertown, MA, pulled into the parking lot and immediately began charging. No plugs. No hassle. Simply park. And charge.

Alex Gruzen’s Fireside Chat with Cowen

Alex Gruzen enjoyed a fireside chat with Jeffrey Osborne during the Cowen 2020 Global Transportation & Sustainable Mobility Conference last week. Watch video:  

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