Wireless HDTV (World’s First!) from WiTricity

Gadgetology Checks Out: David from WiTricity explains how his company pulled off creating the world’s first completely wireless HDTV. No power cable, no video cable, no batteries in the HDTV. It’s powered by a magnetic field using “near field technology” invented at MIT.

TED Global 2009: Eric Giler Demonstrates Wireless Electricity

Eric Giler wants to untangle our wired lives with cable-free electric power. Here, he covers what this sci-fi tech offers, and demos MIT’s breakthrough version, WiTricity — a near-to-market invention that may soon recharge your cell phone, car, pacemaker.

MSN: CES 2009 – Wireless Electricity

Wireless electricity, meaning electricity powering your device or appliance with no cord plugged into the wall, is a reality. Paul Hochman visits three companies pioneering wireless technology and explains how it works.

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