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Scales from passenger cars to high power vehicles

Supported by global standards

WiTricity is accelerating the adoption of EVs by simplifying and streamlining the charging experience.

The hassle of charging tops the “pain” list for current EV owners. 81% of US drivers recently surveyed were very interested in wireless charging – and those who were most hesitant to jump into EV ownership were almost 70% more likely to buy an EV if wireless charging were available1. What could be easier than just pulling into a driveway, garage, parking lot, or curbside, and having your EV charge automatically? No more forgetting, no more wrangling with a plug or struggling with a cord. WiTricity makes it easy: just park and charge.

   “Plug in charging is difficult, dirty, unreliable and even dangerous. The answer is wireless charging by WiTricity for EV owners today, and absolutely for autonomous vehicles tomorrow. If there’s no driver, who’s going to plug it in?”

— Alex Gruzen, WiTricity CEO

WiTricity’s highly efficient and patented EV charging solution provides carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, charging infrastructure suppliers, and individual car owners with a flexible and interoperable wireless charging system design.

Power Transfer
WiTricity offers more than just “power transfer.”

Our patented magnetic resonance technology is the foundation of our overall solution. Our specially designed low-loss resonators allow high efficiency, and our proprietary tuning technology enables efficient operation over a wide range of conditions.

Our design and architecture has undergone rigorous testing by the US Department of Energy and has been demonstrated to be the most efficient and interoperable system available. We’ve worked with the industry to develop the global standards that will drive interoperability: SAE International and IEC/ISO (International); DKE and Project STILLE (Germany); and the CEC and CATARC (China).

We enable a magically simple driver experience with advanced foreign object and living object detection to safely protect and disable charging should metal, hands or feet enter the charging area. The flexible system can charge vehicles from low ground clearance sports cars to medium clearance sedans to high ground clearance SUVs or trucks – all with the single system design.

But there’s more.

WiTricity’s charging pads can be installed as on-ground, such as in a private residence, driveway, or parking garage; or in-ground, buried in the pavement of a parking lot or curbside as public charging infrastructure.

Our hardened automotive-grade software enables full system modelling for design and performance analysis without prototyping to save time and costs. Our power controller offers dynamic tuning and power management with automatic efficiency optimization.

1 TideWatch Partners, an independent market research firm, conducted a survey of 1,000 vehicle owners in the United States in September 2021. This survey was commissioned by WiTricity; the whitepaper can be found here.

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WiTricity is leading the charge in EV technology development and standardization.